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Complete changelog from 3599 to 3605.


video, CPU, and sound performance optimizations.


  • 12 Players lobby support, and infinite numbers of observers.
  • Adding big preview of the map.
  • Adding random map selection.
  • Adding share condition : The given units can disappears when you die.
  • Adding automatic formation of teams (Top/Bottom, right/left, odd/even slot)
  • Adding more units limits options.
  • Adding more colors.
  • 'No Game ender' restriction changed to restrict T3 & T4 Artillery, Paragon, Novax and Yolona Oss
  • 'No Nuke' Build restriction now correctly also restricts nuke carrying naval vessels, strategic

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix to prevent commander upgrades to be acquired at a lower cost through cancelling.
  • Fixed restoration field upgrade and advanced restoration field upgrade to not repair the ACU.
  • All Units shooting at the Seraphim ACU now aim at the correct bones instead of the feet.
  • Pausing a Mass Extractor while in mass deficit does now correctly stop mass consumption
  • Bomb drop prediction corrected on all T1 T2 T3 bombers
  • Seraphim Battleship now correctly plays a 'nuclear launch detected' sound when launching a nuke.
  • The Novax now correctly launches its satellite when the player is at pop cap.
  • Cybran Nuke Warheads now correctly detonate at their impact altitude, and not 20 units above
  • Nano Regeneration now gives Seraphim SCUs the correct amount of hitpoints (14k instead of 45k)
  • Seraphim SCU is no longer reclaimable
  • Seraphim Battleship nuke no longer flies at very high altitude.
  • Cybran Missile health normalized so that the parent missile has 1 health and the child missiles have 1 health each as well.
  • Gifting Units to allies bugs fixed
  • Change Naval yards to be hit with torpedoes, collision box lowered by 1
  • Hoplite now uses the correct amount of transport clamps
  • Fix Fatboy, Monkeylord, Megalith and the brick being able to fire from shallow water, being unattackable from land while doing so.
  • Increase lifetime & Speed on T3 Torpedo bomber torpedoes to avoid units outrunning them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused UEF ACU to deal damage to friendly units
  • UEF T2 Cruiser now can correctly use all weapons simultaneously
  • Seraphim Advanced Regeneration Field no longer provides a health bonus. It was permanent and wasn’t removed if the unit left the aura.




  • Overcharge and Energy Storage gameplay improvement.
Energy Storage now costs 250M 1200E (from 120M 2400E), stores 5000E (from 2000E),
explodes for 2000 damage in a 5 radius (from 500 damage 3 radius), and has 500 health (from 1200).
Start resources go to 4000E from 5000E, ACUs now generate 20E instead of 10 to compensate.
Overcharge now costs 5000E (from 3000). Damage vs Units is unaltered, damage vs ACUs is 400 (from 100), vs buildings 800 damage (from 500).
Overcharge has an increased damage radius of 2.5 (from 2), and a reload of 0.3 (from 0.2).
  • Factories and Engineers no longer increase Energy Storage.
  • T3 Air and T3 Naval Factories changed: mass cost equals land t3 factory now.
  • T3 Air Factory energy cost increased (72000). Mass cost reduced to 2750 from 3150.
  • T1 Anti-Air Turret
Reduced mass and energy cost by 25%
Reduced build time by 25%
Reduced health to 800 from 1200
  • T2 Artillery Installation
Reduced mass and energy cost by 25%
Reduced build time by 25%

T2 Anti-Air Flak Artillery

Reduced mass and energy cost by 30%
Reduced health by 30%
  • T1 Mass Extractor Health reduced to 600 from 800
  • T3 SAMs costs reduced significantly from 1400M 12000E to 800M 8000E


  • T1 Bomber cost decreased to 80M 1400E from 100M 2250E
  • T1 Bomber decreased build time to 400 from 500
  • T1 Air Scout : Reduced energy cost to 1300 from 1600 and Reduced build time to 17 from 20
  • Cost (M, E, time) of T2 Gunships decreased by 20%
  • Lowered T3 Bomber maxairspeed by 1 (18 -> 17)
  • T3 Air Energy costs increased 50%, with the exception of the Solace and Air superiority Fighters, who increased +100%. The Mass cost and buildtime on all these Units stays the same.


  • ACU Death nuke now does 2500 inner ring, 500 outer ring.
  • T2 Mobile missile launchers damage increased 50%
  • T3 Mobile missile launchers damage increased 100%
  • Made T2 tanks slightly tougher and slower. T2 tanks now move at a 2.5 - 2.7 speed now, and have 20-25% more hitpoints in return. Cybran t2 tank got buffed more as it was too weak compared to the others.
  • Land Experimental cost increased ~20%, the cheaper ones increased more than the expensive ones (percentage wise).
  • Increase striker, aurora and thaam movement speed by 0.1 (from 3 -> 3.1 or 3.3 -> 3.4)
  • Landscout diversification:
Uef damage = 4 (+2)
Cybran cloak energy drain -5
Aeon radar range +5, new health = 20 (-3)
Seraphim radar range +5
  • T2 Mobile Shields
Mobile Shield Generator: Asylum. Shield Health set to 3800. Shield Regenrate set to 58 Now requires 105 E to operate.
Shield HP reduced by 500
Energy consumption reduced by 10
Built time increased by 10% (Aeon: 792 from 720/UEF: 660 from 600)


  • Buffed Cruiser Anti Air damage by 25%
  • Decrease T3 ship costs (~15%) and buildtime (cut in half for many).
  • Decreased Frigate & t1 submarine cost by 10%
  • Increase frigate anti-air dps to 15, attack boat anti-air dps to 35, and Battleship Antiair dps to 60


  • UEF Lobo t1 artillery health changed from 205 to 200
  • UEF Mongoose health decreased from 900 to 650
  • UEF Engineering Station Rover rebuild cost increased to 250M 2500E 750 time from 50M 500E 150 time (only applies if its shot down). Build rate decreased to 15.
  • Billy reload timeout increased to avoid rapid firing through assisting
  • Increase Shield ship cost by 30% from 1040M 10400E to 1300M 13000E
  • Decrease T3 Air Transport costs by 30% (final E cost further adjusted by other changes)


  • Cybran Hoplite health decreased from 650 to 450.
  • Cybran Engineering Stations: T1 cost increased to 500M 2500E from 450M 2250E. T2 build rate decreased to 25 from 30. T3 build rate decreased to 35 from 45.
  • T1 Assault Bot: Mantis : Increased turret yaw speed to 90
  • T2 Shield Generator: ED5 : Decreased mass cost to 1800, decreased energy cost to 26666, decreased build time to 1400, increased shield health to 15000
  • Increased Cybran Deceiver (t2 mobile stealth generator) speed, acceleration and brake to match the values of other factions t2 mobile shields
  • T2 Point Defense dps increased damage to 13
  • Firebeetle changed to deal 4500 damage, health lowered to 300, Firing tolerance increased to 100.


  • Aeon T3 Engineer build rate increased to 20 from 15
  • Mercy fuel increased from 70 to 110
  • Restorer max airspeed reduced to 8 from 10, health reduced to 6500 from 7200 and anti ground damage per shot reduced to 24 from 32. AA weapon damage increased to 71 * 2 from 65 * 2. • Restorers cost 50% + 400 more energy than a Air Superiority fighter now.
  • Transferred 2600 from the Harbringer’s shield to its health
  • Eye of Rhianne remote viewing radius decreased from 45 to 25.
  • T4 Experimental Aircraft Carrier: CZAR : -Increased health to 58000 from 48000 -Decreased crash damage from 15000 to 10000


  • Seraphim T3 Engineer build rate increased to 20 from 15
  • T3 Submarine Hunter: Yathsou Decreased speed to 5 from 6
  • T2 Point Defense dps increased +10% damage
  • Seraphim cruiser direct fire Anti Air weapon and Seraphim T3 Anti Air cannon building weapon improved muzzle velocity.


  • AI will now build firebases
  • AI will now build Percivals or Rhinos
  • AI can now consistently transport all valid units.
  • The AI unit groups that are assigned to guard bases will no longer attack all over the map
  • The AI now fires the Experimental nuke launcher more than once
  • AI now sends out more than only the first land scout
  • AI now can build the Megalith
  • Cheating AIs now actually use their experimental units