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FAF-related changes and fixes

  • Title screen and replay files are displaying the correct patch version.
  • Fixed scores reported incorrectly when Autoteam = none and random = on.
  • Removing the reset of unit cap on each hosted game to 500.
  • changed the ranked unit cap to 1000.

New Features

  • Added Sorian AI. Sorian AI is now available to use in FAF. (YOU MUST UNINSTALL SORIAN AI MOD AND LEM IF YOU HAVE THEM.)
  • added new and improved random faction generating function that doesn't give seraphim 75% of the time
  • Added engineer wrecks on the water
  • Added Autoget as mandatory and enabled for all players. (Units are automatically given, if share is enabled, 20 seconds after death.)
  • Added tech-less icons for energy storages so they are easier to find
  • All structures now leave wrecks when destroyed in the water.
  • New lobby textures from Moritz

Bug Fixes

  • fixed aeon hover sheild floating wreckage bug (fix in default units).
  • fixed ACU upgrades exploit
  • Fixed UEF ACU nano regen upgrade... it no longer gets overwritten by veterancy.
  • Adjusted the seraphim T2 destroyer anti-torp further. It's performance is now improved.
  • TML weapon on strategic missile subs now have the correct range ring
  • Fixed Seraphim destroyer, UEF Atlantis and Aeon Exp Battleship wreckages. They now sink and wreck on the sea floor properly.
  • Fixed a transport bug/exploit.
  • fix for the UEF ACU build drones. Now the destruction of one drone does not adversely affect the other. Further, drones are automatically re-built upon death at their original cost (160 mass, 1600 energy). Drone re-building takes 10 seconds and does not interfere with other ACU processes, such as moving, shooting or constructing.