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Release date: December 21st, 2016

Bugs Fixes

  • Removed deploy ability tooltip from Aeon T3 Mobile Artillery
  • Fixed typos in two keybind descriptions
  • Fixed Selen cloak being enabled out of the factory while moving, and further improved usability.
  • Fixed civilians not always revealing for all players on map start
  • Fixed beam weapons sometimes colliding incorrectly with projectiles
  • Fixed sim slowdown when ordering mex cap with hundreds of engineers
  • Fixed reclaim beam not penetrating water
  • Fixed some remaining issues with the Reclaim overlay: Shifting while zooming/panning, and 'ghost' labels for props that are gone, as well as large performance improvement
  • Fixed invalid preferences entries invalidating the game's share condition


  • Changed the ground weapon to be primary on Cybran switch-tech mobile AA units (T1, T3, Cruiser). This has no effect other than to allow attack-moving to work properly, stopping at the right range better.
  • Ground fire is now set as the default firing state for all units
  • Added a dummy weapon to units such as T2 Flak and Mobile Shields. This allows them to not run blindly in when a group of units is told to attack-move.


  • New feature: Options setting is now available which will allow you to select your language from those available in FAF. Prompts for game restart.
  • New feature: Options setting is now available that lets you choose the maximum number of reclaim labels allowed on-screen. Higher values cause significant FPS slowdown while the overlay is active.
  • Removed Options toggle for reclaim overlay enable/disable. Simply unbinding it achieves the same thing.
  • Redefined the default key bindings for Hotbuild to match a widely used community standard. This won't affect people who have non-default bindings set. Details found here: http://wiki.faforever.com/index.php?title=File:Hotbuild-layout-en.png
  • New feature: Icons in the build and command menus for units will now show the keyboard shortcut assigned to them. Thanks to Brainwashed (AKA Washy/Myxir)!
  • New feature: Icons in the selection menu are now sorted according to tech level and unit type. More thanks to Brainwashed!


  • Fixed a whole bunch of videos
  • Fixed score screen so it works with coop
  • Added a Feedback button for easier reporting of issues
  • Giving units to an ally no longer breaks objectives
  • Allowed armies to participate properly in objective requirements
  • Fixed all AIs being set as UEF in coop
  • Fixed Aeon Palace Shield breaking when given to an ally, and rebalanced it a little
  • Fixed players other than the primary being unable to complete certain objectives


  • New feature: Ability to click on the game title to update it, both in the lobby, and in the client's Find Games tab
  • New feature: Closed slot - Spawn Mex. This option is used for the adaptive maps, letting a slot be turned on for mexes but not a player spawn
  • Improved lobby setting persistence interaction with maps that introduce their own options
  • Corrected "to observers" tooltip occurring twice
  • Display mean rating in the rating tooltip, rather than minimum. Also use player name in that tooltip.
  • Fixed closed spots showing an empty box for newly joined players, breaking the lobby
  • Renamed 'Random' spawn option to 'Random - Unbalanced' for the sake of clarity
  • Added ability for certain maps to modify the reclaim value of props
  • Private messages now show 'From' and 'To' to make communication clearer


  • Added Tamazight translation to FAF
  • Improved a large number of Spanish translations
  • Updated maps blacklist
  • Fixed a shader error which cause water to render with jagged edges on some maps


  • Arifi
  • Brainwashed
  • CookieNoob
  • Crotalus
  • Downlord
  • Exotic-Retard
  • IceDreamer
  • Speed2
  • TheKeyBlue
  • Uveso