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General overview over available bots

There are a series of bots available on different platforms of FAF that will help you will a wide range of commands and information. Those are the bots you will find in the official Aeolus chat on the FAF client:

  • AeonCommander
  • QAI
  • MAI
  • TheSetoner

On our Discord Server you will find the following bots:

  • Dostya (Достия)
  • HQ
  • Fredbot (Note that Fredbot is NOT FAF-specific, but a general discord bot)


QAI is usually announcing upcoming tournaments and posts ads about them in the chat.


AeonCommander's purpose is mostly for moderating reasons - FAF moderators can use the bot for kicking or banning or other moderation actions.


MAI is a bot who is serving some entertaining through various chat games, all fueled by "chat points":

Quiz (!question) asks a question and gives points to the right answer (!answer <answer>)

Chat roulette (!cr <chat point amound>) simulates a small roulette, where everyone can bet their chat points and win or lose chat points based on random chances.

He also provides some fun commands that are not related to chat points, such as

!chain <keyword> gives a random-looking sentence like that:

[old]child: !chain Giebmasse
MAI: im 1400 beat dro would die to enfuriate Dogler Crotalus Giebmasse is who cares hes giving such stuff


The Setoner is an Aeolus bot that has a wide number of commands, mainly the following two:

!to setons registers you in a Setons list by typing "!setons" - whenever anyone enters "!to setons" in chat, every player in this list will be pinged and thereby called to the holiest place in all RTS.

!smurfcheck provides you with the ability to check if a player is smurfing (using an alternative account) by either using main chat or sending the bot "!smurfcheck <playername>" (without brackets) via PM. The bot will then reply like this:

[Gey]Raigeki: !smurfcheck Raigeki
TheSetoner: Searching nickname(s) with found aliases: (ID: 84137 - Aliases: FlyingThunder_, Raigeki, FlyingThunder, Raigeki_)
TheSetoner: Found nicknames:
TheSetoner: (ID: 200 - RollatorRolf, SITD, SITD_)
TheSetoner: (ID: 210894 - Yakumi)
TheSetoner: (ID: 205841 - gammer1)
TheSetoner: (ID: 84137 - FlyingThunder_, Raigeki, FlyingThunder, Raigeki_)
TheSetoner: (ID: 166086 - Flojo)

Be warned that this is not a reliable way to tell if a person is smurfing though - if two players play on the same IP, the bot may mix it up.

Other Commands include many other commands, some serving a useful purpose, some rather entertaining. Enter !commands to see the following list of commands:

Available Commands:  
!offlinemessage !to superior setons !okhand !gym !refaf !balanceriot !To Setons !bhalance !signupladder !addtourney !tourneylogin !updateseenmap !smurfcheck !lifestory !disbandteam !To Ladder !wordcount !threaten !undress 
!preach !report !commandments !globalrating !savemaps !addtrigger !salt !choose !unladder !autism !sentonment !ladderrating !mapstats !fix !gameTaunt !updateusermap !time !urltitle !forthequeen !bawssemble !to sentons 
!topwords !noobsgather !ratings !tutorials !ip !streams !deleteTeam !addTeam !UnSetons !addagent !cleartourney !showteams !topsmurfs !sharewisdom !mods processUser !gms !biceps !removeplayer !finddave !alias !feedbh !setons 
!bawtraining !gloves !checkteams !sexytime !messageplayers !luxcuse !dubplayer