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Chat / IRC Server

Forged Alliance Forever uses a IRC server for chat.

You can access it from any IRC client (, xchat, ...)

  • Server :
  • Port : 8067
  • Main channel : #Aeolus

You need to be registered with Nickserv in order to join #aeolus !! (see next section)

ChanServ / Nickserv

You can use NickServ commands to register your nickName :

  • /msg nickServ REGISTER <password> <Email>.
  • Then /msg nickServ IDENTIFY <password> to identify.
  • Use /msg nickServ HELP for more command.

The same for ChanServ :

  • /msg chanServ HELP

How to register Clan channel

In order to register clan channel to your IRC use this command. (Make sure you are the only one online in that channel.)

  • /msg chanserv register <channelname>