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Clans are a way for players in FAF to form a bond as a group, may it be small or large. Any player can create or join a clan by visiting the FAF clan site. You invite other players by generating an invite link and having the player click on that link.

Clans have no effect on the game besides adding a clantag in front of a players name in the chat, the lobby and the game itself.

Aside from that, players who are part of a clan have their own clan chat room.

Since version 0.10.108 of the lobby, clan tags are displayed in front of player names.

  • Example: [e] for Empire clan [BC] Bad Company, etc.

Forged Alliance Foverer has its own Clan management (it is still in beta but very usable)

  • Feedback-Thread: faf.webapp
  • Use the "Clans List" tab to view and search for clans.
  • Search for Players by FAF name on the Players tab.
  • Login using your FAF lobby credentials to request to join a clan / manage your clan.