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The Downlord Client Project

To provide an alternative to the official Client, originally made in 2012 with the programming language Python, the player Downlord started working on a Java-based client on 26th March 2015. The project is now supported by several other developers and aims to make the client more user-friendly and performing.

Differences to the official Client

Although both clients support all official functions of FAF, there are some differences on how they do that:

  • The general layout and design is a lot more "modern" in Downlord Client
  • Downlord Client has one tab dedicated to all "vaults" - you will be able to find maps, mods as well as online/local/live replays there with a lot of helpful filters and search options.
  • Downlord Client has notifications telling you when
    • a friend comes online
    • a friend joins a game
    • you receive a message

More to come