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What is 'Global Ranking' ?

GPGNet was given an external tool from the community to rate people, this tool is named PlayerTrack. It gives arbitrary ratings, and thus may not give a fair rating to a player.

FAF uses a real rating system for each and every game. This system gives a real-time rating of all players who have participated in custom and/or ladder FAF games. A players' score depends on his in- game performance; good performance leads to increased rating, while poor performance causes a drop in rating. You can find your exact rating here, but keep in mind, a high rating does not mean you're good, but you may have a high rating because you're good.

Which games affect Global Ranking?

Only Custom Games affect global rating. 1v1 ladder matches affected 1v1 and global rating for a while, but now 1v1 games affect a different rating only, your "Ladder rating"

  • Your rating increases when you win a rated game, and decreases when you lose a rated game. In-game performance, beyond win or loss, has no effect.
  • Your rating, the rating of your opponent, your rating's volatility, and the volatility of your opponent's rating determine how much your rating changes. For an intuitive explanation, watch this video guide: How Does the Rating System Work?

When is the game rated?

Generally, all standard games are rated, but a few exceptions exist:

  • Cheats enabled in the game settings
  • Teams unlocked in the game settings
  • Unit restrictions enabled in the game settings
  • Sandbox set as victory condition
  • Uneven numbers of players - e.g 3v2
  • Free for all games should not be rated, however they have been in the past due to bugs. Do not intentionally rate FFA games as it is considered an exploit.
  • Games under 60 seconds per player present in real time (not the in game time, and observers are not counted)
  • Sim Mods

Ranking in the lobby

You can access ladder (1v1) ranking from the Leaderboards tab, but only players who played a ladder game in the last two months are shown there. You can also see the approximate Global Ranking in the chat, when hovering over the icon of a user in the list.

Ranking in game

You can see the global rating of any player next to his nickname in the FA lobby.

  • To see the precise number, right click on a players name and select View Player Statistics - this is will show you a Gaussian distribution (what rating actually is) and you can see their displayed rating at the bottom of the window.