How do i play FAF offline?

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All you need to play the FAF offline is to create a shortcut to


If you run the game offline you will not have access to some features such as autodownload of missing maps/mods from the vault or automated replay saving.

If you want to run a featured game such as phantom or coop you need to use command line switches.

eg " /init init_coop.lua" for coop or " /init init_phantomx.lua" for phantom.

If you want to play a coop mission in single player you need to "host" it first, so that it downloads the relevant files.
Once you get to the in-game lobby you can close the game.
You need to do this once for each mission you want to play.

Every time you want to play singleplayer:
Start the game with the /init init_coop.lua command line switch or shortcut.
Begin the mission from the skirmish screen.
Resume saved progress from the campaign screen.