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Every statistic of every unit in SC: FAF can be found on this page.

How to Use it

  • Click on the name of a unit to see their detailed stats on a new page
  • Click on the box of the unit and then on the box of up to 3 other units to select multiple units
  • Click on the "Compare units..." button on the bottom to compare those units


Game build time of a unit

In order to calculate how long its going to take to build a unit we are going to need 2 values from the unit database; Build rate and Build time

  • Build rate - how quickly a unit can build
  • Build time - how long a unit takes to be built

To get the real value in seconds we are going to use this formula:

  • Build time / Build Rate = Our value in seconds
    • Example: T3 engy building Monkeylord:
15750 / 30 = 525 (sec)
525 / 60 = 8 min 45 sec

Build rate.pngBuild time.png