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Moderator Avatar.png FAF Moderators

These people are the moderators who are responsible for rules in-game, in the chat, and in the forum. They're also very willing to help you with anything, so if you have questions you can PM (private message) them. You can identify the mods by their white names, they can also be found at the top of the user list or by using !mods command to be given a list of online moderators.

You can make reports to the moderators by using this form

If you are interested in joining the moderator team you can write a PM (private message) on the forums to the "IRC Moderators" group detailing on why you think you would make a good addition to the team, which timezone you live in and what sort of commitment you are able to make if you are selected.

Current moderators:

  • Com (VoRCom)
  • Deering (Deering_,kangarooing)
  • Giebmasse
  • Gorton (VoR_GoR, Tyr)
  • Legion_Darrath (Legion)
  • lextoc
  • nemir (nemirc)
  • SiNs
  • speed2
  • Voodoo (Scruffy)

Past moderators:

  • Nombringer (BringerofNoms)
  • ToejamS
  • Viking
  • VioletAnia

Important: QAI and AeonCommander are chat bots!

Personal Trainer Avatar.png Trainers

An updated list of trainers is available on the forums here

These people are trainers who can teach you how to play Supreme Commander. PM them in FAF chat and ask for a lesson!

To track down their name change, go here.

List of trainers happy to help you!
Clan Name[s] Country Language Time Zone Comments
[e] Apofenas [] RU English, Russian GMT+7
[VoR] Kalvirox [] GB English GMT+0
[BC] Totaltuna [] NL English GMT+1
[FoE] R4sperdan [] GB English GMT+0
[VoR] Voltaire [] NL English GMT+1
[SFo] Mephi [] GER German, English GMT+1
[SFo] Freshy [] GER English, German GMT+1
[SFo] ChevalierNoob [] CA English GMT-3
nemir AUS English GMT+8
[BRS] Destructor [] BRA GMT-3
[SFo] Koecher [] GER German, English GMT+1
[SFo] Voodoo GER German, English GMT+1
[e] Mr-Smith [] AUT German, English GMT+1
[BC] tectec [] PT English, Portuguese GMT+0
[BFA] Pietros [] USA English GMT-8
[SGI] StefanD [] RO English GMT+2
[e] Puru-Rin [] RU Russian, English GMT+5 only training those 1300+ 1v1, only 1v1 games
[SIR] Svedka [] USA English GMT-5
[SGI] Hexus_of_Reality [] USA English GMT-4
Hascins [] GER GMT+1 basic 1v1 training for under 1100 ranking
[e] TheCoolGamer [] GB English GMT+0 basic 1v1 training and team games for under 1100 ranking
[Cru] theeggroll [] USA English GMT-6
[UEF] Gurzil [] DZ English, French, Kabyle, Arabic GMT+1 basic 1v1 training for under 1100 ranking
[CoF] FearofNoobs [] AT English, German, Dutch GMT+1 training for team games
[BAW] biassFA [] AUS English GMT+10 Basic 1v1 training for under 1300 ranking + replay review
[BAW] This _Guy[] AUS English GMT+10 1v1 training primarily with some teamgames for 1k+ rated players

CoS Administration New.png Council of Setons

Forged Alliance Forever (FAF) is a community project of players and contributors who want to sustain and advance the game Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.

The Council of Setons is a group of FAF contributors selected and tasked with the responsibility to guide the FAF community project.

These are the current members of the council:

  • CoS Administration New.png Administrative Councillor: Sheeo (former: visionik)
  • COS Balance New.png Balance Councillor: jaggedappliance (former: Zockyzock)
  • COS Devops New.png DevOps Councillor: DukeOfEarl and Downlord
  • COS Moderation New.png Moderators Councillor: Voodoo
  • COS Players New.png Players Councillor: Tokyto_ (former: TA4Life)
  • COS Game New.png Games Councillor: icedreamer
  • CoS Blue New.png Promoters Councillor: -- to be elected --
  • COS Magenta New.png MOD & Map Councillor: -- to be elected --

FAF Councilors Pledge

All councillors make a symbolic pledge to mark the assumption of their important duties for FAF.

All councillors pledge:

As a nominee for The Players Councilor, I pledge that:

  • I will spend at least 4 hours per week working on These Responsibilities.
  • I will be available at least 2 hours every other week for a voice call to discuss these Responsibilities and the responsibilities of other FAF Councilors.
  • I will use and be available on the FAF Slack (chat) as much as possible.
  • I will do my best to help the other Councilors perform their responsibilities.
  • I understand that if I am unable to perform these duties, I will resign or be replaced.

Every councillor additionally pledges towards their own responsibilities:

Players Councillor

The Players Councilor is a member of the Council of Setons, who will be elected by the community to work on These Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with as many FAF players as is possible to gather, represent, and promote their ideas and interests.
  • Organize a schedule of the FAF community project events.
  • Organize tournament directors who run tournaments for players.
  • Gather feedback from the FAF project community to determine their top desires and problems.
  • Present and represent this information in the best interests of the players to the Council of Setons.

Moderation Councillor

The Moderators Councilor is a member of the Council of Setons and is working on These Responsibilities:

• Leading the moderation team

    o	Promotion/demotion of moderators
    o	Processing and deciding the result of complaints/appeals
    o	Regulating the actions of the moderation team

• Approving of new avatars/control over given avatars

• Uphold the community rules in the game, chat and forums

Tournament Director.png Tournament Directors

This is a list of people who host Tournaments on FAF. If you want to become one of them you can sign up here and do not forget to read these rules.

  • Blackheart
  • biass
  • Gorton
  • Greenio
  • Mad-Mozart
  • Morax
  • Sir-Prize
  • speed2
  • theeggroll
  • Tokyto
  • VioletAnia
  • Voodoo
  • Washy
  • Stups