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Release date: October 19th, 2020

Fixed Issuse

  • #714: Check if forged alliance is still running when closing client
  • #1211: Allow hiding chat user list
  • #1245: Parsing rating from title is not a good idea
  • #1445: ImmediateErrorNotification are not shown
  • #1612: Add description for game type
  • #1734: Create download proxy - to save trafik on server
  • #1848: Use Fallback Vault Location as Default
  • #1864: Display the reason for invalid games in the vault
  • #1901: Error accessing replays in the vault
  • #1918: Show ladder 1v1 maps only works the second time you click on it
  • #1935: Client crash on invalid mod
  • #1939: Rename default shortcut for client
  • #1962: Final releases are ignored in pre-release channel
  • #1967: Implement rating range
  • #1970: Randomize maps shown in M&M top Picks show room
  • #1975: Broadcast feature for admins
  • #1988: Manually add maps
  • #1991: Client crashes if unable to delete map generator maps
  • #1993: Switching vault location causes maps to be generated in the wrong directory
  • #1996: Increase mapgen timeout time
  • Update Languages

New Features

  • Client Warns if you try to close it if FA is running
  • Hide the Chat user List
  • See descriptions of game featured mods
  • Client can cache multiple versions of featured mods, so you don't need to redownload everything after you watched an old replay. Needs to be activated in the settings for now
  • Client shows why games are not rated
  • The M&M map picks are rotated
  • Admins can broadcast messages via the client
  • Client short cut is called FAF Client
  • Maps added to the map folder are automatically detected during runtime and added.
  • Client adds support to broadcast rating limits via server
    • You can add min/max rating and also enforce it. If enforced the game is only shown to players that match the rating boundaries. If not enforced only a warning is shown to players that do not match the boundaries.