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Release date: November 16th, 2020

Fixed Issuse

New Features

  • #2007: Chat User List CPU Usage Optimizations
    • The chat user list was determined to be a large source of the lag that many users experience when running the client, especially as the number of players online has grown. Up to now the main solution has been to close the aeolus chat tab to decrease the lag. This update aimed to optimize how the chat user list is updated and displayed in order to reduce cpu usage.
  • #2017: Remove ability for foes to ping you in aeolus
    • This update makes it so that users will not be pinged when mentioned by a foed player.
  • #2014: Add Date Format Option
    • Adds choice of date format to the client
  • #2013: Add button to join channels
    • This will add a UI tab/button that can be used to join IRC channels in addition to the /join command in chat
  • #2005: Add generation type options to map generator UI
    • This will add generation type options to the map generator. Specifically the options Casual, Tournament, and Blind. Causal generates maps as they are done in v1.2.2. Tournament forces all random options and will not display the preview in the client lobby to the generator as well as time stamps the map with the original time of generation and places it in the map description to prevent the use of pre-generated maps in tournaments. Blind generates maps without any preview in the client or in the game lobby.
  • #2003: Restart on Default Theme Selection
    • This will ensure proper application of the default theme by alerting the user that a restart of the client will be needed.
  • #2010: Game Information on Chat Hover
    • This allows for seeing the players in a particular game when hovering over the map image.
  • Sync Cache
    • API calls are now synchronized so that multiple function calls will not happen if the cache is empty.
  • #2031: Add copy action to lables
    • Map Name, Mod Name, Descriptions, Authors, and other labels can now be copied and pasted elsewhere using a context menu accessible via a right mouse click.
  • #2025: Correct number of more mods in game tile view
    • Number of mods now displayed correctly in game tile view
  • #1820: Paginate Local Replays
    • Adds pagination to the local replays tab in the vault
  • #2022 Fix bug where removing players from friends list removes them from chat list
  • #1926: Add experimental option to watch replays while waiting in loby
    • This add an option to allow watching of replays from the game lobby. This requires patching the game.prefs file which you can do from the settings in the client. This only allows for starting replays from the replay vault once the game is open it does not allow you to start a game while watching a replay. Please note that watching replays which are of conflicting patch version to the game you have open is not supported and will result in an error.