2v2 World Wide People's Championship

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The infinite 2v2 tournament

TA4Life hosted World Wide People's Championship back in the days and it slowly died. However LEXTOC, with the help of Morax restored it to its former glory. But now, Tokyto and Ithilis are bringing you 2v2 WWPC, so come test your teamplay skills and beat the champions!


This is a non-stop tournament with 2-week circles, set in 3 divisions, which are the following:

  1. O1800 (over 1850 global rating*)
  2. U1800 (under 1849 global rating*)
  3. U1200 (under 1249 global rating*)
  • (Rounded global rating of higher rated player of the team)

How does this work?

  • There are always champions for each division who will have to defend their title biweekly (if there are challengers).
  • Every team can sign up to challenge the champions of their division.
    • However, if there is more than one team, they will be having a little knockout (best of 1) tournament between them hosted by the TD.
    • The TD will give the maps the challenger teams have to play against each other.
    • Whoever comes victorious can play best of 5 with the champions on players chosen maps (specified in rules below).

Information about maps



1st week - all knockouts get played 2nd week - BO5s gets played

Sometimes it happens people with different timezones can't match up before the given deadline. When this happens contact the TD.

Rating Limit

  • The rating limit applies only on higher rated player (example: player1=1600, player2=1900 => O1800)
  • You have to be 1800 before knockouts get posted (every second wednesday (1st: 31.12.2014) if you want to join U1800, else you are moved to go O1800

Final BO5

  • The challengers who won the knockout tournament (if there was one) will get to play a BO5 (best of 5) against the Champions. The maps will be chosen like this:
  1. This map gets chosen by the challengers
  2. This map gets chosen by the current champions
  3. This map gets chosen by the current champions
  4. This map gets chosen by the challengers
  5. This map gets chosen by the current champions
  • (if draw, challangers choose next map)
  • You may not play a map in the BO5 for the champions title more than once.
  • If the end result of the BO5 is a draw the challengers will get to choose a map.
  • If one of the teams won before the BO5 is finished, they may finish it if both teams want to, but this isn't necessary.


  • The champions are allowed to defend their title twice or more in one week.
  • You may only sign up for one division!
  • The winner posts his replays ID's in this topic (you can get the replay ID by opening the local replay in file explorer, the number in the replay's name is the ID).
  • Always wait for your ally to die, so you don't desync the game by leaving!
  • The TD's can always change the rules.
  • The TD's are nice people. If you think something in here is absurd, just post it here.
  • Game settings are the same as the ones in The Ladder. (Full share must be off!)
  • There are certain mods which the TD will allow if both players agree.
  • Each player can only have one team.
  • A disconnect has to be discussed with the TD if both players don't agree to play the game again.
  • If BOTH teams agree, they can play with these mods: The Nomads, RK explosions.
  • If there are no champions yet, last two standing teams in knokouts play BO5.


  • O1800 2v2 WWPC.pngO1800 Champions - get the O1800 2v2 Champion avatar
  • U1800 2v2 WWPC.pngU1800 Champions - get the U1800 2v2 Champion avatar
  • U1200 2v2 WWPC.pngU1200 Champions - get the U1200 2v2 Champion avatar

Signing up

Sign up here, and please mention your teammate's name and division.

  • (state: 'Player1, Player2 - division')