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  • Disabled "save replay" option in the FA menu.
  • Various corrections for the lobby tooltips.
  • Sorian AI support for Featured Mods (The Nomads included).
  • Adding "number of games" of each player in the lobby.
  • The rating color change depending of the "importance" of the rating.
  • Adds new target bones for the Fatboy to let it be hit when partially submerged.
  • Added support for rating and number of games in ranked games (saved in replays).
  • Fix a bug with ACU enhancements removal.
  • Fix for a gamecolors.lua hooking bug, and changing colors for some better colors.


  • The server is now aware of the slots available in a map, allowing restrictions for joining players.
  • The server is now aware of the mods used in the game. That will allow mod auto-download in the future.