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General changes

  • Christmas presents for reclaim have been removed
  • Score viewing:
  • Score button no longer exits the game forcefully
  • Viewing of score screen when scores were set to off is re-enabled

Exploit fixes

  • Fixed a regression of the free ACU upgrade exploit

Game improvements

  • Cartographic map previews are now being generated even for maps that do not contain colour information for them.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed air wrecks floating mid air on certain maps
  • Fixed air wrecks sinking to bottom of water, then jumping back up to surface
  • Fixed continental not dying to nukes
  • Improved GuardScanRadius:
  • Scouts no longer engage at long range, value was set to 10
  • Harbinger will automatically engage at range again
  • Range tuned down a bit so units will not run off too much
  • Fixed Seraphim T3MAA targetbones (Units will no longer aim above it)
  • More mod compatibility
  • Give Eye of Rihanne restriction a new description
  • Fixed hoplite not firing at landed air units
  • Added BOMBER category to Ahwassa, Notha
  • Added FACTORY category to Megalith, allows queuing of units while being built
  • Improve new unit share code (Units dying after being transferred multiple times)
  • Fixed sinking wrecks blocking projectiles where the unit used to be

Lobby changes (Version 2.6.0, also shown in game)

  • Fix the rating not showing up for observers
  • Font-size for observers reduced
  • Chat font-size adjustable from options
  • Remove debug messages
  • Connection dialog no longer appears below lobby slots
  • Fixed issue with players not being removed from slots on disconnect
  • Fix integrated replaysync
  • 'Set ranked options' button works again
  • Tooltips for various buttons fixed and text revised
  • More detailed large map preview
  • Seraphim icons normalized
  • Both players get ready flag cleared on swap
  • Removed extra space around Rerun CPU benchmark button
  • Made 'Random faction' skin load the chosen faction skin (Before it would always be UEF)
  • Fixed a problem preventing player colours from being updated correctly
  • Prevented CPU benchmark from running once the game starts
  • General performance improvements

Thanks to pip, briang and Alex1911 for translations


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  • Santa Claus
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  • Xinnony