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  • Instant crash exploit partially fixed
  • No longer possible to give away units in progress of being captured
  • No longer possible to bypass unit restrictions with sneaky UI mods
  • Fixed being able to remotely destroy wreckage anywhere on the battlefield



  • Seraphim sniper bot is able to hit Cybran MML again
  • Fixed SCUs not being hit properly by laser weapons
  • Fixed units aiming too high on the UEF and Aeon SCUs
  • Torpedo/sonar platforms no longer confuse surface weaponry


  • Fixed shield structure glows and rotations not playing
  • Fixed bug with capture progress bar not being synced if using multiple engineers
  • Optimised the range-rings shader to reduce the way FPS falls off a cliff
  • Fixed bug with instantly disappearing wrecks due to garbage collection
  • Fixed wrong regen values being reported on UI-side
  • Disable build effect beams on sinking engineers
  • Reload bar refill rate now scales with RateOfFire buffs
  • Legacy checkbox UI code working again
  • Fixed Engineers spawning the wrong tarmacs when building Seraphim buildings
  • Engineering stations no longer exhibit a model bug when rebuilt by an assisting SCU
  • Fuel indicator no longer falls off the unit detail window
  • Seraphim ACU and SCU no longer show the tac missile counter if they don’t have the upgrade


  • Projectiles no longer collide with sinking units
  • UEF T3 Transport now leaves wreck in water
  • Cybran ACU can now fire the laser when standing in water
  • Fixed Seraphim T1 Mobile Artillery not firing at fast targets properly
  • Yolona Oss now deals damage to itself
  • Flares and depth charges no longer draw in friendly projectiles
  • Fix shots sometimes going right through Walled PD
  • Increased Aeon T3 Artillery MuzzleVelocity to allow it to fire at its maximum range


  • T3 Torpedo Bomber can use Attack-Move properly again
  • Units with weapon range upgrades now stop at maximum range when using attack-move
  • Shield disruptor now works on personal shields
  • Fixed wrong consumption when repairing ACU after an upgrade finished
  • Support factories no longer lose progress if they are damaged during upgrade
  • Aeon SCUs with nano + vet now get correct regen rate
  • Fixed share until death bug with dual-given units
  • Mini map now remembers whether to show resource icons or not
  • Current command mode no longer reset if an engineer dies in the current selection
  • Fixed bug with chat messages having wrong recipients in replay
  • Seraphim T2 shields can now pause while upgrading to T3
  • Fixed RateOfFire buffs not being applied correctly
  • SCUs will no longer rebuild buildings they lack to ability to build
  • Upgraded buildings rebuilt by assisting SCUs will now cost the correct amount
  • FAF no longer blows up if the game hasn’t first been launched to create a profile



  • Scathis now has Amphibious build icon
  • Attack and Nuke reticles now scale with impact radius
  • TMLs now show the splash damage radius in targeting mode
  • Cybran Engineers now display a build beam to clearly show what they’re tasked to
  • Cybran factories now have red build beams
  • Number of Cybran build bots scale with buildpower of the engineer, to a maximum of 10
  • Ping values under “Connectivity” (F11) now update during game stop/stall
  • Added Yolona Oss to Mavor/Salvation/Scathis build restriction and renamed it Super-Game-Enders
  • ASF effects tweaked for performance (less effects on low fidelity)
  • Cybran engineering build bots now crash when their owner dies rather than just vanishing
  • Quantum Gateways now can assist each other
  • Enhanced Seraphim tarmacs
  • Beams originating inside Fog of War will no longer be invisible
  • Cybran buildbots are no longer invisible to other players
  • MEx, T1 PD, and Radar strategic icons will appear above other building icons when zoomed out


  • New option: Show reclaim value of wreckage on map by pressing Ctrl-Shift (need to enable it in Options / Interface and restart game)
  • Smart selection feature allowing hotkeys to select units by category
  • Remove owner-check on text pings so anyone can delete them
  • Reclaim/second now shown
  • Reclaimed mass now counts towards the score table
  • UEF ACU and SCU drones now have an on-drone button to toggle if they are rebuilt at death
  • Now possible to pause units to make them pause execution of queued up orders
  • Debug window: Searching for units now supports unit name and substrings
  • Cybran engineering build bots no longer display the heads-up consumption overlay
  • “Commander under attack” now plays for shielded ACUs
  • 34 new taunts
  • Added a button to unbind key mappings
  • Drop shadow for chat messages
  • Chat Option: Add background to chat messages when chat window is closed
  • Chat Option: Allow chat to timeout normally in the feed after closing window
  • Reclaim window merged with main resources UI


  • Engineering Station units now pause on transfer from one player to another
  • Cybran build bots now can assist next build project without respawning
  • The least valuable units are destroyed at unit transfer if unitcap is hit
  • Absolver shield disrupter now hovers higher, so it’s less likely to hit the floor with the very low mounted gun
  • UEF SCU Drone can now capture, the same as the ACU ones
  • Tiny changes to make Fatboy/Megalith/Spiderbot weapons symmetrical in behaviour where they should be
  • Added templates for all support factories. AI in coop missions is now able to rebuild support factories
  • Assist now prioritize building over repair
  • Share Until Death is now default
  • Mod size reduced by about 30 MB


  • CodingSquirrel
  • Crotalus
  • DukeOfEarl
  • Eximius
  • IceDreamer
  • ResinSmoker
  • Sheeo
  • Speed2
  • anihilnine
  • bamboofats
  • ckitching
  • quark036
  • shalkya
  • pip
  • zock

Special Thanks To

  • Softly
  • Exotic Retard
  • Nyx