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  • Fixed issue with half built units from naval factories
  • Fixed issue with sometimes being unable to quit the game
  • Cybran and UEF buildbots / drones no longer explode with the no air restriction
  • Fixed issue with being unable to reclaim mexes that are being upgraded
  • Seraphim ACU minimum range for normal gun and OC adjusted to be the same as other ACU’s
  • Seraphim destroyer surfaces itself after building again
  • Seraphim T2 transport no longer allows active shields on board
  • Seraphim ACU restoration field now works for allied units
  • Aeon T3 battleship TMD is no longer completely unable to stop TML’s


  • Added ability to see unit data (xp/regen rate) as observer
  • Firebeetles can no longer detonate in the air
  • Upgrade hotkey now works for T2 naval and air support factories


  • CodingSquirrel
  • Crotalus
  • Gorton
  • Sheeo
  • ckitching
  • ggwpez