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Patch 3646 released as a bugfix update to 3644.

A new versioning scheme has been implemented where even-numbered patches are stable and odd numbered versions are beta, starting with beta 3645


  • UEF buildbots no longer explode after being built with ‘no-air’ restriction enabled
  • Commanders no longer explode immediately with the ‘no-land’ restriction enabled
  • Upgraded hives are no longer invincible
  • Destroyer intel works again
  • Beam weapons will no longer keep firing their lasers after designated targets have died
  • Nukes will always penerate personal shields again
  • Paused units which start work on a building will no longer consume resources
  • Coop will freeze less often because of an update to the core game. Please keep testing coop and provide feedback!


  • Units with sonar no longer have it enabled while on land
  • Added ‘no T3 air’ restriction
  • Multiline messages in chat no longer time out faster than non-multine
  • New messages no longer ghost previous ones


  • ckitching
  • codingsquirrel
  • bamboofats