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'''Relase date:''' May 2, 2016
'''Release date:''' May 2, 2016
== Lobby ==
== Lobby ==
* Name filter when selecting map
* Name filter when selecting map

Latest revision as of 20:04, 14 May 2016

Release date: May 2, 2016


  • Name filter when selecting map
  • Prevent host from changing player teams while he is ready
  • Game quality in lobby now visible again
  • Reduced autobalance random variation to get team setups with better overall quality
  • Default to score off
  • Stopped the map filter preventing the map selected in prefs from prior games from showing
  • Tiny fix to flag layout
  • Fixed descriptions for the AIx Omni option and Lobby Preset button


  • Introduced Russian translations of many FAF additions to the game (Exotic_Retard and PerfectWay)
  • Translate some FAF additions to Italian
  • New keybindable action: 'soft_stop'
  • Soft-stop will cancel all orders of a factory except their current one, if you soft-stop a factory with only one order it will get cleared
  • Hold down Alt when giving a factory order to soft stop factory before issuing next order
  • Multi-upgrade: Added UI support to upgrade structures several levels at once (i.e: cybran shields, hives, mexes, factories etc)
  • Auto-overcharge: It's now possible to let overcharge fire automatically whenever you have the required power
  • Order repair on a wreck to rebuild it if possible by some of the selected engineers. Those not able to rebuild the wreck will assist after the build starts.
  • Units explicitly repairing (not assisting) a structure that dies will automatically try to rebuild it
  • Refactor the income economy overlay not to show reclaim values appearing in the generated income column and do correct rounding of the numbers.
  • Fixed bug with unit regen debuff not being visible in UI
  • Fixed bug with buildpower not visible in unitview
  • Score display in the top-right no longer counts reclaim into the Mass/Energy income shown in observer mode
  • Allow Hotbuild to find Support Factories
  • Allow the UI code to search active mods for unit icons. Mods will have to have the icons in the right place (/modname/icons/units/xxx_icon.dds). Confirmed working for Total Mayhem at least, and probably many more.
  • Show ren_networkstats in Connectivity Screen (F11)
  • Show name of the one resuming a paused game
  • Reverted the change to T1 PD icons from 3641, so now they don't give free intel on mouse-over when trying to fake PD-wall with all-wall radar ghosts.
  • Render build range of engineers using native overlay system instead of decal hack
  • Enabled Pause button in replays
  • In Units Manager, added more preset restrictions (e.g. No T1 spam, No Snipes, No TMLs)
  • In Units Manager, separated some existing preset restrictions (e.g. game-enders, nukes) for better selection
  • In Units Manager, added custom restrictions for all FA units
  • In Units Manager, added custom restrictions for modded units when mods are activated
  • In Units Manager, added mechanism for restricting units using preset restrictions and/or custom restrictions
  • In Units Manager, added grouping of units based on faction, type, purpose, and tech level
  • In Units Manager, added detailed tooltips with stats for weapons, defense, and eco for all units
  • In Units Manager, added visualization of modded units using small purple icon with letter M
  • In Units Manager, improved description of preset restrictions
  • In Mods Manager, added filters for UI/Game/Disabled mods
  • In Mods Manager, improved sorting mods by their activation status and names
  • In Mods Manager, added cleanup of mod names with mismatching mod versions
  • In Mods Manager, added mod versions next to mod names
  • Added pre-loading and caching of blueprints for usage in the Units Manager


  • Teamkill is now detected and a player can make an explicit report
  • Air units are now able to fire at water-landed transports
  • Hoplite now calculate their aim correctly when firing at a fleeing target
  • Slightly increased unit size(not hitbox) of T3 sniper bots, Othuum and Rhino to alleviate their weapon's ground-hitting ability
  • Seraphim Experimental Nuke now deals damage to itself
  • Cybran drones no longer leave wreckage when killed
  • Defense structures now start rotated at their nearest enemy when built, if no enemies found they default at middle of map
  • Removed friendly fire on Atlantis AA
  • Locations of enemy civilian structures are now revealed at start of the game (lobby option)
  • Navy units now should respect their max-range better when having move-attack order
  • Set GuardReturnRadius to 3 as default, will make guarding / patrolling / move-attacking units less prone to move off their designated mission while hunting something
  • Units moving on sea bottom now leave tread marks - they disappear faster though
  • Re-enabled death animation on non-naval units
  • Seraphim GW now uses all its 3 exits
  • Spread attack targets are now spread more uniformly among all units during the initial attack orders, further ones are random.
  • Diplomacy now allowed in Coop mode
  • Allow Fatboy, Atlantis, Tempest and Czar to fire while building units
  • Beam weapons now kill missiles they impact instead of wasting DPS for several ticks
  • Aeon ACU upgrade "Chrono Dampener" won't stun allied units any more. Additionally, it will fire at predetermined ticks so the effects of multiple acu's do not stack.
  • Increased TMD range by 1 and ROF by 0.2s to prevent a single TML killing a single TMD by using ground-fire to impact before the second TMD shot fires.
  • Fixed Cybran T3 MAA doing friendly damage on 1 of its 2 AA weapons
  • Fixed Cybran T3 MAA hitbox/bones making lots of units miss
  • Fixed Seraphim T1 sub not being hit by torpedoes 80% of the time while surfaced.
  • Enemy civilians are now colored in a unique red color
  • Fixed bomb drop code and enabled it for Janus, and UEF/Cybran T1 Bombers to attempt improvement to bomb drop characteristics
  • Allowed Aeon Aircraft Carrier to build Bombers and Gunships, same as the others.
  • Fixed restriction system on Sim side such that it cannot be compromised by UI mods
  • Fixed restriction system that prevented removing restrictions on already restricted units in scenario scripts


  • Fixed free mass exploit with Megalith eggs
  • Fixed bug with Cybran SCUs getting EMP for free
  • Fixed bug with units getting invincible after a visit to their nearest carrier
  • Fixed bug with not able to target a blip of a given / upgraded structure
  • Fixed bug which caused silo missiles to disappear at launch stage
  • Fixed bug with water sounds not playing while a unit was submerged
  • Fixed bug with omni buff instead getting radius of radar
  • Fatboy and Cybran cruisers shouldn't engage enemies way outside their range anymore
  • Fixed bug with commander not always being selected at start
  • Fixed wrecks not giving resources in Coop mode
  • Fixed Coop missions getting stuck at completion
  • Added missing Seraphim objective icons
  • Shields now overkill damage correctly based on their type
  • Fixed nukes overkilling bubble shield base structure when out of range and shield up
  • Fixed Continental taking damage from AOE when it has the shield up
  • Fixed regen buffs from different sources not stacking properly. This should mean every possible interaction between veterancy, upgrades, and the Seraphim Regen Aura field all play nice
  • Fixed Underwater Vision not being initialized on unit completion
  • Fixed Engineers not properly reclaiming the target of an assisted, then stopped, Engineer
  • Fixed UEF Drones being untargetable by Interceptors
  • Fixed UEF Drone collision detection, making it much easier for ground-based AA to hit them
  • Fixed UEF AI unit templates in coop mode
  • Fixed an exploit with being able to upgrade restricted enhancements
  • Fixed a rare bug with builders getting near zero HP after a naval building gets destroyed the same tick as it finishes.
  • Fixed shields sometimes not turning off due to lack of Energy
  • Fixed buffs from enhancements being applied too often after unit transfer
  • Fixed submersible naval units leaving full reclaim mass
  • Nuclear explosions now behave predictably, always bypassing/ignoring bubble shielding


  • Optimization of score accumulation
  • Tweaks to hive build effects to reduce performance impact
  • Cleanup of enhancement sync code to make it faster and more secure
  • Entities now re-use repeated sound FX instead of creating new ones every time
  • Reduce load on render thread
  • No net_lag in single-player to increase UI response speed


  • Added game-side support for future achievement system
  • Tech-level filter in debug window now works as intended
  • Log-spam from various known events heavily reduced
  • Lots of work adapting and improving AI behavior for coop gameplay (speed2)
  • Scale aeon build effects according to build progress
  • Show wreckage debris in reclaim beam


  • Sheeo
  • IceDreamer
  • Crotalus
  • speed2
  • Exotic_Retard
  • duk3luk3
  • Downlord
  • madformuse
  • quark036
  • CodingSquirrel
  • PerfectWay