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Release date: December1st, 2017

Shared Armies

  • This patch ships with a new, modified exe file that enables the Shared Armies alpha mod. The mod can be found on the vault.
    • To play a game with it, set up your teams such that the topmost slot in the lobby of each team is the army your team will be.
    • On starting the game, control of all team member will be transferred to that army. Coordination between team members is ESSENTIAL
    • This mode will be developed into a fully integrated game mode down the line. It should open up extensive interesting new options for gameplay.


  • Disabled ACU build ability before warp in to stop fast clicks sometimes netting a several-second advantage
  • Fixed the Seraphim Sniperbot not working with attack-move in its non-default mode
  • Added target bones to Subs to allow them to be attacked by surface units when surfaced
  • Added above water target bone to Cybran T1 Torpedo Launcher to allow it to be attacked by surface units, particularly the Seraphim Destroyer
  • Fixed the Cybran ACU needing to get into Gun range to attack a specific target with its torpedo upgrade
  • Fixed the Cybran ACU not stopping at max range in attack move when firing torpedo


  • Fixed units with no faction assignment (From mods usually) breaking the game
  • Fixed Percival low detail model not turning its gun properly
  • Fixed Seraphim Destroyer not firing its torpedo salvos properly when given orders
  • Fixed the Seraphim nuke impact sound calling the wrong sound cue
  • Fixed incomplete ships sometimes not being destroyed with their factory
  • Fixed Counter-intel turning off intel when power stalling
  • Fixed game-breaking bug related to template name cutoff
  • Fixed energy consuming weapons draining power before completion
  • Added COUNTERINTELLIGENCE to HARMS category list, as it has personal stealth
  • Fixed Salem death not animating on land
  • Fixed Czar beam not vanishing on death


  • Changed Salvation to be categorized as an experimental instead of a t3 building
  • Fixed ACU power consumption not correct after Overcharge
  • Fixed and improved the sim dialog window
  • Fixed rendering of reload bars
  • Fixed bug with the notify overlay in replays
  • Fixed a bug where using split-screen mode would break reclaim labels
  • Added personal stealth to HARMS ability list
  • Adjusted some army colours. A new Order Green, a slightly lighter dark blue, and a golden Seraphim colour from the campaign.
  • Fixed Attack-Move icon being greyed out permanently
  • Fixed veterancy UI not showing for non-default screen layouts
  • Fixed Bulwark dummy shield range ring being the wrong size
  • Allowed mod icon support for ACU upgrades
  • Refined some UI tips. Engineers now display "Engineering Suite" only, with "Reclaims" and "Repairs" being saved for special case units like the Harbinger


  • Changed background faction images to widescreen versions
  • Fixed missing dependency bug for non hosts in lobbies
  • Overhauled and refined the mod manager


  • Fixed typo in Novax center bones
  • Prevented the execution of certain game-breaking console commands
  • Allow AI to rebuild upgraded engineering stations in coop missions
  • Added game time to the log every 30 seconds
  • Added timeout for the overcharge ready notification message to avoid voice spam
  • Added rotation animation to the t2 aeon power generator
  • Fixed blacklist for coop maps
  • Added more naval templates to OpAI
  • Updated mod blacklist


  • basdawimp
  • CookieNoob
  • Hussar
  • IceDreamer
  • MrNukealizer
  • PhilipJFry
  • Speed2
  • supcomBlackMaster
  • Uveso