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Release date: August17th, 2018


  • Introduced ability to have mods that affect AI options
  • Fixed official maps being hidden at the wrong time by the filter
  • Added chat name colors
  • Lobby refactor
  • Allow more "No Rush" timer


  • Fixed shielded air units having their shield and fuel UI bars collide
  • Added a shield bar under the ACU icon
  • Added the mass killed meter for full veted units.
  • Updated the tips to the actual balance


  • Allow Novax Command Center to have rally points
  • Allow torpedo to target subs first
  • Allow the missile from SMD to not collide with air
  • Allow nuke to be invulnerable to satellite laser


  • Fixed Aeon Hydrocarbon not being targetable during construction
  • Fixed some underwater props being rendered as though they were above the water
  • Fixed objective units not being properly highlighted in COOP
  • Fixed T2 fighter/bomber slowing down on move order when there is land/naval target nearby
  • Fixed wrong civilian blueprints
  • Fixed sera T3 static arty shots landing too short
  • Fixed UEF Battlecruiser leaving no mass behind
  • Fixed being able to shield transport and having a personal shield of 0 hp
  • Fixed a crash with "Game object have been destroyed"
  • Fixed OC draining more e than available
  • Fixed omen and exodus not retargeting as soon as possible
  • Fixed T3 static arty having issue shooting at targets on higher ground
  • Fixed the deflected missiles by loyalist missing the target
  • Fixed walls not being selectable on double-click


  • Improved engine documentation
  • Improved performance
  • Updated mod blacklist
  • Updated map blacklist
  • Added blueprints for unit database
  • Cleaned up some blueprint entries and unit IDs for unit database
  • Further game translation into French
  • Added a chinese translation
  • Optimized the AI sim speed
  • Make game load props folder
  • Make game send message when the simulation ends
  • Added an option allowing AI to take over a player when disconnection occurs
  • Added russian, german and french translation to adaptative map options


  • strogo
  • rackover
  • speed2
  • CookieNoob
  • PhilipJFry
  • IceDreamer
  • keyser
  • Uveso
  • TheAdDad
  • ChrisKitching
  • crotalus
  • dk0x