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Release date: October 20th, 2018


  • Added an option for coloured name in the chat
  • Fixed units restriction menu
  • Removed a player color that is too similar to civilian colour


  • Removed friendly collisions
  • Allowed the selection of upgradable/offensive building and all experimentals while they are being built
  • Improved AI
  • Saved upgrade progress of building and exp/T3 arty build progression after transfer for game with full share condition


  • Fixed units losing veterancy after transfer
  • Fixed nuke being deflected by aeon TMD
  • Fixed HARMS not being seen by surface units while being built
  • Fixed satellite weapon firing when retargeting
  • Fixed OC not impacting on mobile shield
  • Fixed the way wreckages spawn from map script
  • Fixed ythotha lightning being triggered by alt-delete and by the wreck spawn from map script
  • Fixed mobile shield stopping when assisting friendly units and enemy units are nearby
  • Fixed strats killing each other when bomb connect with opponent asf, by making them immune to allies strat
  • Fixed kennel's drones not being paused after transfer
  • Fixed kennel spawning drone after transfer


  • Hussar
  • keyser
  • Strogo
  • Uveso
  • Rackover
  • JeroenDeDauw
  • Zkov96
  • c0_okieZ
  • Crotalus
  • Exotic_Retard
  • PhilipJFry