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Release date: July 5th, 2017


  • Fixed various desync Issues for replays
  • Fixed Seraphim Arty Shells not disappearing
  • Fixed a bug that gave you free resources by pausing a factory
  • Fixed loading AI mod templates being loaded without mods being enabled
  • Fixed unfinished unit transfer in full-share games
  • Fixed free shield assist bug


  • Improved In Game Cheat Menu [ALT]+[F2] to support 16 players
  • Various AI Improvements
  • Changed Novax Background Icon to AIR
  • Added a 3 second timer to the teamkill report feature
  • Restricted ACU immobilization feature to human players to avoid breaking the AI
  • Remove "Assist" command from factory during upgrade
  • Added Exit button to the endscreen
  • Optimized unitcount for VictoryConditions
  • Check for dead status before killing beams
  • Improved targeting of torpedo bomber and subs
  • Integration of the Supreme Props mod


  • Removed controversial dots from the french translation

Mod Support

  • Enable transport rates to be set vs blueprint


  • Uveso
  • Rackover
  • JaggedAppliance
  • Strogo
  • Exotic-Retard
  • keyser
  • speed2
  • svenni_badbwoi