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Release date: November15th, 2017


  • Added new icons for E storages
  • Added missing categories for SACUs
  • Made Aeon tmd destroy Billy
  • Updated seraphim shader to be more realistic
  • Reduced LOD Cutoff from 1000 to 750
  • Fixed target bones of Cybran T2 Land HQ
  • Changed air staging icon to T1
  • Allow to use existing low detail models
  • Allow to display the broadsword jammer ring
  • Made mass storage targeted after everything else
  • Allow to give order to T3 sonars while they are being built
  • Allow to build several Eye of Rhianne with a drag build order
  • Removed energy from stone reclaim
  • Fixed satellite permanently blocking mavor shell against a specific spot


  • Fixed Salem floating when killed during landing
  • Fixed Hives build effects
  • Allow to rebuild ED4 and Aeon air support factory
  • Fixed ML exhaust effects playing during construction
  • Fixed strats scripts
  • Fixed wrecks facing wrong direction
  • Fixed a bug allowing air factories to rebuild units on wreck
  • Fixed a bug preventing broadsword from draining 25e when built


  • Added a curated maps button
  • Added an option to fill all lobby slots with AI


  • Updated spelling and punctuation
  • Cleaned up UEF units file
  • Blacklisted old nomads mod version
  • Improved code and mod support
  • Removed dummy harms from unit database


  • speed2
  • eforgacs
  • BlackYps
  • badbwoi
  • PhilipJFry
  • KionX
  • keyser
  • Exotic-Retard
  • IceDreamer
  • Strogo