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Release date: January 26th, 2020


  • Reworked the score board to request/send resources/unit to allies and view allie's resources income, storage and drain
  • Removed vet bar for unvettable units
  • Allowed mod to change UI textures
  • Improved spawing menu
  • Allowed SCU to have their own strategic icons


  • Allowed transition for 3rd person camera
  • Improved AI pathfinding and expansion base template
  • Allowed dead players to see the whole map only after the team lost
  • Added an amphibious toggle for the salem
  • Allowed T2 sera sonar to be selected over engies


  • Added an option in lobby for optimal mirrored balance


  • Fixed "select land unit on screen" selecting factories
  • Fixed factorie's construction beam still working when they are paused
  • Fixed megalith/monkeylord wreck going under the ground when killed while being built
  • Fixed ACU's gun fire fx
  • Fixed exp and mobile sonar that are under construction being selected over engies


  • Update map blacklist


  • KionX
  • wodzu93
  • keyser
  • speed2
  • Uveso
  • Strogo
  • Crotalus
  • Nojoke
  • PhilipJFry