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Release date: April 4th, 2020


  • Fixed wrong rating reward when someone quit the game before it ended
  • Fixed the black plane bug for maps
  • Fixed ACU playing twice the contruction visual fx when building
  • Fixed UEF construction beams animation
  • Fixed mods dependencies handling in mod manager


  • Allowed to scale the UI for people playing with big screens
  • Scoreboard now group people from same team together when score is off
  • Score windows closing on pressing F2
  • Added ability to spawn unit with veterancy using cheat
  • Added ability to spawn multiple units while holding shift
  • Fixed the UI of UEF navy
  • Moved mod manager menu from extra menu to main menu
  • Changed the display of the warning when trying to ctrl-k ACU in coop


  • Added support for custom map Props
  • Removed drag build from radars/sonars/stealth field and soothsayer
  • Fixed the targeting of structures with beam weapons
  • Improved the frigate sink animation rate
  • Improved simspeed and removed code that wasn't working
  • Improved Kennel animation and reduce lags due to kennel
  • Improved text display in game and translation


  • Improved CPU usage in lobby
  • Fixed Russian name being wrongly displayed in lobby


  • Changed the aesthetic of seraphim units
  • Clean up improving the simulation
  • Addded Chinese translation and improved russian translation
  • Improved dialogue button especially for coop
  • Updated mod and map blacklist


  • speed2
  • KionX
  • keyser
  • Uveso
  • BlackYps
  • Strogo
  • Stratege
  • ZeroCiel
  • Exotic-Retard
  • Lorhtan
  • Askaholic