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Release date: September 12th, 2020


  • Fixed bigger strat icons
  • Fixed the eye of Rhianne giving permanent vision underwater
  • Fixed explosion decals spawn when structure dies
  • Fixed chat and minimap repositionning when resizing the game
  • Fixed explosion killing trees
  • Fixed explosion decals spawn with arty/bomber projectiles
  • Fixed mermaid torpedo hitbox
  • Fixed game slowdown on long AI games
  • Fixed wrong game rating reward
  • Fixed lag watching replay at fast speed and improved ingame performances
  • Fixed wreckages' hitbox positionning


  • Allowed single player lobby to get the features from the multiplayer lobby
  • Adapted autolobby for team matchmaker
  • Improved russian translation of the lobby


  • Added an alternative hotkey layout using cycle when building unit in factory
  • Added a hotkey to access factory template (unit queue template in factory)
  • Allowed to bind action to the "chevron" key
  • Improved AI
  • Prevented reclaim from cancelling death animation when the unit is killed by a shot (doesn't apply to volatile structure)
  • Added experimental armor to air/navy/structure experimental
  • Removed beetle armor


  • Improved unit description in game
  • Updated resource structure description
  • Improved usability of the cheat menu
  • Allowed cheat menu to spawn modded unit
  • Improved the loading tips
  • Moved faction data out of the functions
  • Added topological sorting for mods
  • Added shaders for the SCTA
  • Improved scripted army movement


  • KionX
  • speed2
  • BlackYps
  • The-Balthazar
  • keyser
  • Uveso
  • Askaholic
  • AugSphere
  • FemtoZetta
  • Dragun123
  • ugandarowanda
  • Jip
  • Kazbek