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Adaptive maps, next level map creation (sic)

These maps can be found in the vault, normally with "Ultimate" added to the end of the name and made by CookieNoob.

Note: when most of the features below are implemented and there are no known bugs remaining, the final version of the ultimate map is reuploaded under the name 'adaptive...'.

The purpose of maps from the Ultimate series is to adapt, to give you the experience you want from the game by allowing some customization and dynamical spawning of ressources. The maps allow for 16 players, so if you want to play 4v4 and some friends show up, just open some more spots and the ressources for the additional players will spawn. Some examples of additional features are listed below. You can even play the map from completly different directions (i.e. wonder open bottom left vs top right in a 4v4 configuration...).

top left: advanced options in the game lobby, bottom left: 2v3 on canis ultimate, the top team has an empty starting location, since the mirror is taken; middle: example for optional reclaim; top right: zeta wonder in 1v1 and 8v8 configuration; top right(2): adjustable number of mex in the corner of wonder open; bottom right: hilly plateau with additional spawns; bottom right(2): wonder open in a 2v2 configutation

Some features of adaptive maps

All features are optional and can be adjusted in the "advanced" part of the game options. Using Setons as an example:

  • adaptive spawns: map adjusts to the number of players
    • 2 to 16 players
  • always balanced, whatever you do the mex distribution will be symmetric
  • mex presets
    • enable or disable adaptive spawns
    • play with the 4v4 configuration with less than 8 players
    • enable all mex
  • crazyrush script
    • choose if you want all mex to multiply or only one per player
  • civilians on the islands
    • different levels of defences
    • snipe the radar or t2 pgen to capture the island
    • disable civilians automatically when a player starts on an island
  • adjustable number of mex in separate areas
    • back area
    • island area
    • middle
    • lake behind rock position
  • adjustable underwater mex/hydro
  • regrowing trees
    • speed is adjustable
    • depends on number of trees around
  • map expansion
    • start without islands
    • expand when some criterium is met (time passed / percentage of mex build)
    • automatically starts expanded when a player spawns on an island
  • more player spawn points
    • play the map from the angle you want
  • adjustable reclaim in the middle
    • from some t1 units to 6 t4s is everything possible)
  • adaptive reclaim
    • pgen wreck at the air base has the same faction as the player there (only UEF or Cybran)
    • if the air player is Aeon or Seraphim, the wreck will either be UEF or Cybran

other features:

  • forward crazyrush mex
    • one or two mexes behave like crazyrush mex and thus multiply when a mex is build upon. They look different to normal mex.
  • close - spawn mex
    • a lobby option (similar to 'close') where you can close a spot, but the map will create the associated ressources.
  • reduce rock reclaim
    • reduces the mass in rocks by a certain percentage. All rocks will still be present on the map but their reclaim value is reduced.

How to make an adaptive map