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Adaptive maps, next level map creation (sic)

These maps can be found in the vault, normally with "Ultimate" added to the end of the name.

These maps just adapt, to give you the experience you want from the game by allowing some customization and dynamical spawning of ressources. The maps allow for 16 players, so if you want to play 4v4 and some friends show up, just open some more spots and the ressources for the additional players will spawn. All of these maps allow customization in the game options. You can even play the map from completly different directions (i.e. wonder open bottom left vs top right in a 4v4 configuration...).

Some features of adaptive maps

Using Setons as an example:

  • The map has symmetric (more or less) mex distribution (the original was a mess) and more optional freatures than any other ultimate map (yet). If I forgot something or should change stuff just let me know. Current list of supported features:
    • adaptive spawns: map adjusts to the number of players
    • mex presets (you can play it in the 4v4 config with less players than 8)
    • crazyrush script (both all mex and only 1 mex per player)
    • Civilians on the islands with different lvl of defences (snipe the radar or t2 pgen)
    • adjustable number of mex (back area, island area, middle, at the lake of rock position)
    • adjustable underwatermex/hydro
    • regrowing trees dependent on the amount of forest around
    • expansion code for the map, start without islands and expand when some criterium is met
    • more player spawn point, play the map from the angle you want
    • adjustable reclaim in the middle (from some t1 units to 6 t4s is everything possible)
    • adaptive reclaim at the air base (get a t2 pgen wreck from UEF or Cybran depending on the air players faction)

How to make an adaptive map