Adjacency Bonus

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The Adjancency Bonus is a game mechanic in Supreme Commander which gives discounts and production bonuses to structures positioned next to each other. The nature of the bonus depends on both of the structures, and can be very usefull. Mass or energy can saved or produced, leading to a total of 4 possible bonuses.


To have and adjacency bonus, there must be two structures placed next to each other; one giving the bonus and one recieving it.

  • Any structure which produced a resource is a bonus giver.
  • Any structure consuming a resource is a bonus reciever, including oher bonus givers (upgrading mass extractors)
  • Additionally, Storages are bonus givers to resource producing buildings.

The Bonus amount is dependant on the number of bonus givers which can fit around a bonus reciever. (minimum:4 maximum:16) This means that the larger a bonus reciever the more bonus givers must be next to it to give the same bonus.

  • A factory surrounded by 16 T1 power generators recieves the same discount as a radar surrounded by 4 T1 power generators.
  • A mass extractor surrounded by 4 storages recieves the same percentage production bonus as a mass fabricator surrounded by 9 mass storages.


A structure which produces a resource gives a discount to all structures next to it which consume that resource.

Mass Icon.png Mass

The values in this table are given for one mass producing strucre next to the building; more mass producing structures would increase the discount. The typical discount value is to give you and idea of what you would most commonly see in game, and should not be used for calculations.

Buildings which give mass discount bonuses
Mass Producing Structures Discount Percentage Typical Discount value Comments
T1 Mass Extractor 7.5% 0.3-1 Usefull next to T1 Land Factories, if youre not going to eco much
T2 Mass Extractor 15% 1-2 Usefull next to T2 Land Factories
T3 Mass Extractor 25% 2-5 Usefull next to T3 Land Factories, Note: Quantum gateways only recieve 20%
T2 Mass Fabricator 2% 0.1-0.3 Not Very Usefull. Note: Both Fabricators can be turned off and it still applies
T3 Mass Fabricator 20% 2-4 Not Very Usefull. Note: Quantum gateways only recieve 15%

Energy Icon.png Energy

The percentage discount value depends on how much of the structure in question is surrounded by power generators - as structures can be of different sizes, different numbers of pgens fit around them. This means that a factory will be 50% surrounded with 8 T1 pgens, and recieve the same bonus as, a radar surrounded by 2 T1 pgens - 12.5% for both.

Buildings which give Energy discount bonuses
Energy Producing Structures Discount Percentage Typical Discount value Comments
T1 Power Generator 25% 1-5 Usefull next to radar, air factories, not great next to land factories, but should still be used.
T2 Power Generator 50% 20-100 Usefull next to T2 air Factories
T3 Power Generator 75% 200-750 Very Usefull next to T3 air Factories
T1 HydroCarbon PowerPlant 12.5% 10-50 Usefull next to T1/2 air Factories, generally usefull, % value for ONE Hydro shown
T4 Paragon 0% 0 Useless - better to shield it

It should be noted that mass extractors consume energy to generate mass, but T1 pgens should only be used for adjacency when the extractor is upgrading from T1 to T2 early in the game, to save some energy on the upgrade

Production Bonuses

Any structure which produces a resource, when placed next to a storage of that resource, will produce a bonus percentage of that resource. This is most commonly seen when mass extracotr are surrounded by storages to increase their mass income.

Mass Icon.png Mass

Buildings which are affected by mass storages
Mass Producing Structures Production Bonus for one storage Production Bonus for all storages Comments
T1 Mass Extractor 0.25 1 Not very usefull. Also not obvious due to how the game rounds the displayed values, same for t2 fabricators.
T2 Mass Extractor 0.75 3 Usefull
T3 Mass Extractor 2.25 9 Very Usefull
T2 Mass Fabricator 0.125 0.5 Not Very Usefull, unless the storages are next to an extractor.
T2 Mass Fabricator 0.667 6 Not Very Usefull - better to place near t3 Pgens, same for t2 mass fabs

Energy Icon.png Energy

Buildings which are affected by Energy storages
Energy Producing Structures Production Bonus for one storage Production Bonus for all storages Comments
T1 Power Generator 2.5 10 Almost useless due to the explosion when the storage dies
T2 Power Generator 27.78 250 Almost useless due to the explosion when the storage dies
T3 Power Generator 78.125 1250 Almost useless due to the explosion when the storage dies

Other Bonuses

When placed next to power generators, Static Artillery units gain a rate of fire bonus which can be very significant, especially when considering that a 60% reload time can be achieved, and how much cheaper 4 T3 power generators are than a T3 artillery installation.

The values in this table are given when an artillery is completely surrounded by a specific power generator.

Reload Time discount on Artillery structures
Artillery Unit T1 Power Generator Hydrocarbon Power plant T2 Power Generator T3 Power Generator Comments
T2 Artillery 2s 5s 5s 8s T1 pgens usefull, especially with multiple artilleries
T3 Artillery 1s 2.5s 2.5s 4s Very usefull with t3 pgens, or any pgens. Note: Aeon artillery has twice the reload time, and so twice the discount.
T3 Ravager 0s 0s 0s 0s Quite useless