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Advanced strategic icons.jpg

Highlighted features

Changeable size

Different resolutions need different icons' size. You can pick the right icons size for you (Small, Medium or Large) and use every resolution comfortably without eye strain (Or, if applicable, without glasses). The icons were completely redrawn to fit each size separately, showing finer graphical details without pixelation.

Easy to understand symbols

While most of the classic symbols remains, the confusing ones were replaced with a more intuitive version. For example: the engineer gets a wrench symbol, the stealth field generator gets an eye symbol, the radar get a dish symbol and the strategic missile launcher get a nuclear symbol. On top of that, the inner symbol of every icon was highlighted with white outline, making it easier to read on any player color while the symbol's background area made brighter in build queues.

Color marking

Key structures are marked with color so that you'll never miss them. For example: the tactical missile launcher is marked with red, the shield generator is marked with blue while the radar is marked with green. Also, the position of the marking gives a quick understanding against what the structure works, making it easier to grasp situations at a glance without focusing too much. A topline indicates air coverage, an underline indicates naval coverage while side lines represent land coverage. Note that the bigger the line, the more advanced is the structure.

Multipurpose one-click installer

Not everyone wants to play with the same icons' size every time. Sometimes the player's eyes are tired and need large icons while in other cases, the player might prefer switching to the small size to get maximum icon separation on big maps. The installer gives the ability to switch sizes at a push of a button while modding multiple types of FA installations at once.

Pure UI

Designed to be 100% compatible for multiplayer games, this UI mod doesn't touch the inner workings of the game, doesn't provide any UI automation and doesn't give the player any unfair, technical advantage beyond the texture level that would harms competition or balance. The only thing this mod gives to the player is better readability, visibility and comfort on high resolutions.

Where to get it?

Latest version can be found in the first post of this forum thread.