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General inforation


The starting positions are on the top right and bottom lets corner. The mexes on your side are yours to get. In a normal game the map is divided along the red line. On your side you have around 2500 mass in the little rocks and about 10000 energy reclaim in tree groups. In the middle of the map are peacefull civilians and an indestructable wall which only leaves a small gap in the middle slowing huge pushes through the middle down significantly. Reclaiming any civlian structure on this map does not yield a significant amout of mass (~4-15 mass per building). The ramps shown on the picture are mirrowed. Since there is a ramp in the back of the base it is possible to send hovertanks that way to surprise your opponent.

Starting Buildorder


Landfactory> 2 power generators> 4 mass extractors> 1-3 power generators (more are safer) > air factory

You can get away with building so little power because of the tree reclaim. After that you eigher build landfactories (maximum 6) and powergenerators (alternating).

You can also build 2 more power generators and another land factory with your ACU before moving it. Doing this will slow you down though.

Tasks for the early engineers

Loki engies.jpg

The first two engineers reclaim with a factory attack move. They will get you enough power so you can fuel your air factory with only 4(5) power generators. The third engineer assists the ACU (care to build the power generators like its on the picture so your assisting engineer doesn't have to move, wasting time). The fourth engineer goes reclaiming (take care to guard that engineer with your first tanks). The 5th engineer stays together with the third engineer base, building it up. The 6th engineer should expand to the right side. Further engineers go expanding (if your expanding engineers get killed) and reclaiming, or assisting the base building engineers.

ACU movement


After completing you air factory you start walking your ACU on one of the three routes. Each has different advantages. Try to scout the enemy ACUs route so you can probably counter it and don't risk running into the enemies ACU+ some of his units (7 can be enough) and die.

  • Route number one: this is the normal route your ACU secures the bottom expansion, while the engineers that reclaimed on the right move (after building the two metes and the hydrocarbon) over the pond and secure the right bottom expansion. It also allows you to build a land factory on the way behind the mountains to secure these 3 mass extractors and the reclaim there.
  • Route number two: this one is a bit safer and assures you get your right expansion (with, if you try to take it with for two engines can be denies by a few enemy tanks. Using this strategy you do risk though, that the enemy gets a point defense in the expansion and moves some units there so you will a hard time taking it while the enemy will have the top expansion secured with his ACU. Also you will rush that your reclaiming engineers behind the mountain (where the 3 mass extractors are) will get killed which can put put you very much behind.
  • Route number three: tho is the most aggressive move here you walk into the enemies expansion and build a lot of early land spam. If you go for this strategy you have to scout where the enemy ACU is going, since you will not need to many units if he goes to the other expansion and these units can end up to be wasted mass or could force the enemy ACU on the bottom side away.
  • Going through the middle is not advertisable since your expanding engineers can be killed easily denying you the reclaim and the expansions so you will end up with too few units to push in the enemies base.

General Strategies

Since there is a lot of reclaim near your base you have any different options for your strategy often (and mostly vs aeon). You want to go for early t2 land, usually on your 3rd or 4th land factory (be sure you assist the factory that is going to t2 a lot 3-7 engineers if you got the mass even more). To use t2 land effectively you will most likely build hoovertanks (if you are not UEF) first (maybe 3-10) because they are faster(!), can raid the enemy hydro, are cheeper -so you can get them out faster- and defend better against the enemy t1. If your opponent also goes for a fast t2 you should build generally less hover tanks. If you go t2 be sure that you scout if the enemy is going for a heavy t1 spam so you don't get overrun by his spam. After the opening phase you will usually try raid expansions where the enemy ACU is not and transition that into eco and units till your army is strong enough to force you opponent out of his expansion, or you can use the army and ACU to push in your opponents base (don't forget flak). Alternatively you can try to eco a bit ore than your opponent and then rush t3 to overwhelm him by raiding the expansion where the enemy ACU is not (drops can be very useful for that) or drop 2-4 t3 units in his base. It is also viable to go for t2 air instead of t2 land but its trickier, since you should have aircontrol, enough units (or pds) to defend against the opponents (t2) raids and you will have to build a lot of power generators making it more expansive then t2 land. You will also have to hurry, if you don't go for a snipe, to raid your opponent as hard as possible since your gunshipe will be useless when got 1-2 flak in all his expansions so you will have to stop investing into t2 air and go for t2 (or t3) land

Faction Strategies

  • Cybran: Plays pretty standard, be careful about your ACU movement though since you ACU dies very fast when running into the enemy ACU and some units. In the early and middle t3 stage loyalists are due to their high speed and god dps a strong choice.
  • UEF: Plays pretty standard its either wait for precivals or use t2+gun rambo ACU with t2 land aggressively.
  • Aeon: With Aeon a fast t2 is only recommendable if your opponent goes for early t2 himself. Usually you don't want to build too much t2 and rather build much t1 (since auroras do hover you can also raid the opponents hydro), eco and rush t3 to crush your opponent with the harbingers strong raiding.
  • Seraphim: End the game on t2 stage (if you go for a fast t2 building some hover tanks before Ilshavohs is a good choice)! If that doesn't work you can try a shift to t2 air or even t3 air (best go for RAS before that, if possible).