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General inforation

(insert picture, with will likely contain the necessary stuff) There is little reclaim on Open Palms only some little groups of rocks that have to be reclaimed manually. The plan on this map is to expand fast to get up a heavy t1 spam and raid your opponent as hard as possible to slow his expansion down (in the best case even denying it for several minutes). Solely defending usually doesn't work since there is just too much to defend in the early game (before you have at least 30 tanks). Also ecoing is only a secondary strategy on this map since its very open. You rather want t2 land (if you got mass to spend/a good advantage from early raids). Best only eco a little after you got some t2 land spam going and the game is somewhat stable (your opponent isn't pushing in your base etc.), or you got some of reclaim after a won fight. Best look how much eco the enemy has and if you aren't behind on map control and the game is rather static (if you are e.g down an expansion you should not eco but play aggressively to regain mapcontrol) mirror his eco and you won't fall too much behind being outecoed

Starting Buildorder

insert picture There are two different starting BOs for Open Palms where you either build your 2nd factory (air) in the starting location or at the hydro. If you use the hydro BO you let your first three engineers assist you ACU which builds first the outer mex then 3 power generators and then the remaining metes.In the factory you build 4 engineers one or two tanks one scout and more engineers After that the engineers and the ACU build the hydro an air factory a power generator and then some land factories. After completing the air factory the ACU should go to one side. If you use the other BO………………

Tasks for the early engineers

insert picture The first three engineers build the following ones expand to the sides. Try, while sending them to the expansions to que up some manual reclaim on the way (some rocks, but only if you got the apm for it) to boost your early economy (even 500 mass can do wonders). Try to defend your most important expanding engineers. If you stall mass heavily (more then -5) send one of your three building engineers to expand. (About) your 8th and 10th engineer should build power generators.

ACU movement

insert picture After completing you air factory you start walking your ACU on one of the two routes. Each has different advantages. Try to scout the enemy ACUs route so you can properly counter it and don't risk running into the enemies ACU+ some of his units (5 can be enough) and die.

  • Route number one: After the initial build your ACU builds the two outer mexes of your left expansion (if you are top side, when you are bottom you go the other way). After that you move your ACU toward the enemy bottom expansion. Since you will be there relatively early in the game your opponent doesn't have enough units to kill it and you will get that expansion. Remember that you have to send reinforcements though since later the enemy will definitely have enough units to run your ACU down. Also if you do this SCOUT the position of the enemy ACU so you won't run into him if he goes to that expansion to counter your movement. If tries to catch you there best just go back into your expansion and try to raid the other expansion where the enemy ACU isn't.
  • Route number two: Route number two is about the same as number once except that you use your ACU to secure your left expansion before going to your opponents expansion. Doing this grants you that expansion, giving your stronger early economy. But it will also slow you
  • Route number three: this one is safer and assures you get your right expansion. If the enemy doesn't scout properly he may also run his act into yours and you can if you have enough units there, kill him. If he has more units though (so you didn't send enough) you're in trouble, since he'll be able to kill you or at least can force you out of your expansion most likely resulting in a loss for you. Also he can try to, after he scouted you ACUs position try to go for the other expansion (where your ACU isn't) and try to use the ACU advantage to get it for free.

General Strategies

On Open Palms you will mainly try to spam (6-8 land factories) and raid unprotected expansions. Also you have to mirror the movements of the opponents army to protect your expansion. Do not unnecessarily suicide your army,gifting reclaim. When things calmed down a little (50+ units on the field, your expansions are protected with pd, units, a land factory) and you have all spam factories its time to go t2 land and win the land battles (reclaim after the fights). Also you should try to get the sides (with drops or ledge build) because they give you 3 mexes and the opportunity to deny the enemies expansion with t1 artillery and mobile missile launchers. Also having at least one side aces it much easier to drop in the opponents back expansion or his base. insert picture(mml vs enemy expansion?)

Faction Strategies

  • Cybran: Cybran is very strong on Open Palms since the early raids can easily decide the game and Mantis are just made for that. Also their t3 is quite strong with a high mobility in loyalists and huge firepower in bricks also stealth fields gives the opportunity for nice drops.
  • UEF: mostly against Cybran the UEF will have some difficult first minutes but after that they only have to keep even until the t3 stage where the only thing that can stand against the percival is an unscouted experimental (or a (t3) airplay) but with proper scouting (and good use of transports to move percivals a bit faster) UEF should dominate the middle and late t3 stages.
  • Aeon: Aeon have a very hard early game, since it is difficult to defend vs many raids and auroras are simply to slow for early counter raids so an aeon has to defend the early raid well to not fall behind too much. In bigger numbers auroras are quite strong vs other t1 but get wreaked by t1 bombers (try not to loose air control) as long as there are many t1 units are on the battlefield obsidians (with their huge overkill and low firerate) and with them t2 land will be a week choice until there is much t2 on the field. Usually you will try to hold as long as possible with t1 spam and a little t2, build a t2 power generator and then rush t3 land to spam harbingers (after reclaiming most of your t1 spam factories) with heavy assist. You want to build harbingers as early as possible (without loosing since t3 is an expansive investment) and abuse the harbingers high dos, and speed to raid the enemy as hard as possible to get a huge advantage for the further game (since the enemy will likely be Cybran or UEF you will need it). Since a lot of micro and good upgrade timing are required only experienced players should play aeon on Open Palms.
  • Seraphim: The Seraphim early game is quite similar to UEF (exept that should place some selens to get some extra intel). After the initial spam you will try to win the game on the t2 stage (due to the weakness of seraphim t3) try to amass enough ilshavohs to force he enemy out of his expansions. If he goes t3 try to push him in hard since that means that he has about 4000 mass less invested into units; it will be the best chance you get. If you use you ACU (best with gun, t2 and some veterancy) in the push you can overcharge the enmies few t3 units,making success more likely.