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What is BlackOps

BlackOps is one the most impressive Forged Alliance mods available and sets the benchmark for all other mods. It has an impressive collection of original material. Forged Alliance Forever now has support for BlackOps and will be working to further integrate that support over coming updates.


Go to the mod Vault in the FAF client and use the search bar to find the BlackOps mods (BlackOpsFAF: EXUnits, BlackOps FAF: Unleashed and BlackOps FAF: ACUs) and double click on them to download them.

Hosting Custom Game with 'Black Ops' mod enabled

Simply navigate in the FA Forever Lobby to 'Find Games' tab then double click 'FAF' from the 'Create Custom Game' list on the left side. Then choose the BlackOps mods you want to use in the list of sim mods you have on your machine.

BlackOps Unleashed: adds new units and buildings to each race, even experimentals.

BlackOps ACU: adds new many upgrades for each race Armored Command Unit. "This Mod is designed for people who don't like the fact that the commander is nothing but a liability during later game assassination games."

BlackOps EXUnits: adds even more units to the game


V5.1 changes/fixes Quote:

-Removed Transport Emergency Drop feature

-Goliath MK II --Changed beam to a constant fire weapon like the ML --Increased HP of AA drones --Fixed issue with AA drones not being rebuilt --Added secondary weapon to AA drones to target land units(AA still primary --updated goliath textures

-Removed all Novax Changes --this includes the spawning of the second satellite

-Seraphim T4 Rift Gate --Added Sniper bot to rift gate(does not need to toggle weapons) --All rift gate units now have a Quantum Power attribute --Rift gate units take 5 secs to build and 50 energy to maintain ---Quantum Residue on units has increased speed and weapon range by approx 10%

-Fixed an issue where the Bouncer Cybran T3 mobile AA targeting laser was hitting satellites -Fixed an issue where the Cybran Hailfire did not have impact effects for its weapon -Fixed an Issue where Basilisk Nuke was not displaying correct effects -fixed an issue with Juggernaut Side lasers leading targets and shooting through itself -Fixed an issue where Aeon factories not getting a buildspeed increase from the Buildspeed upgrade

-Increased the HP of the Inquisitor --Made the unit deploy once again(not being forced to deploy opened up a horrible exploit)

-Aeon Purifier MIRV --Lowered the hp of the missle to 3 from 6, now it should have no trouble getting shot down by a couple of tmds

-Fixed an issue where the AI would not get the Czar Cleansing mode weapon

Known Issues

--If Tempest is constructing a ship and a Drone is killed, sometimes the drone will not get rebuilt

Gameplay & Balance Changes:

Experimental Changes: All experimental units are now only buildable by SCUs and any ACU with the T4 engineering upgrade. All experimental unit cost were decreased slightly, and some properties were increased slightly; will post complete changes in time.

Balance Addon Pack:

New Air Balance: Quote: T1 air- Air scouts-speed increased to 24 Interceptor- Max air speed increased to 18. Energy Increased to 2500 mass increased to 65, fuel

reduced. Fuel reduced T1 Transports- Speed increased to 15 T1 Gunship (Cybran)- fuel reduced slightly

T2 Air-

T2 gunship- decreased speed when out of fuel(that’s it) T2 Torp Bombers- reduced buildtime to 1400 and decreased fuel. T2 fighter/bombers- decreased cost to 350 mass and 7200 energy and 1600 buildtime reduced fuel T2 fighter(aeon)- Decreased cost to 300 mass and 7000 energy and 1600 buildtime reduced fuel T2 Transport- Increased HP to 4000 added a small HP regen and increased fuel.

T3 air- T3 Spy Plane- Hp set at 1000, vison radius set to 80 and radar radius set to 100 Cybran and seraphim Spy planes sonar set to 100 T3 ASF- HPs set to 2000, new cost is now 600 mass, 35000 energy and 4500 buildtime, reduced fuel T3 bombers- Aeon and seraphim untouched, Cybran and UEF increased AA DPS T3 transport(UEF)- HP reduced to 3500 and shield HP increased to 4500

T3 gunships- Cybran and UEF buildtime reduced to 8000 added bubble shield to UEF gunship fuel reduced

Restorer- HP reduced to 5800 fuel reduced

Omni Changes: These are some changes from one of my favorite mods from SC, those of you who remember

Exavier_Macbeth’s mod pack will know what I’m talking about - All Omni Radar Omni radius decreased from 200-->150 - Vision radius on all Omni Radars increased to 50 - All Omni radar on spy planes reduced from 30->20

Experimenals buildable by t3 engineers are as follows: Aeon: Galactic Colosus, Czar Cybran: Monkeylord, Gargantuan Seraphim: Uttaus-Athellu(T4PD), Ythotha UEF: Fatboy, Atlantis

ACU Upgrades: UEF: -T4 Engineering upgrade: Further increases the ACU’s build category, as well as increasing buildspeed and health Cybran: -T4 Engineering upgrade: Further increases the ACU’s build category, as well as increasing buildspeed and health Aeon: -T4 Engineering upgrade: Further increases the ACU’s build category, as well as increasing buildspeed and health Seraphim: -T4 Engineering upgrade: Further increases the ACU’s build category, as well as increasing buildspeed and health

Game Feature: -Split Targeting ques, cant think of a better name for it. but simply put, take your attack force que up attack and move orders, then press Shift-G the orders are then rearranged and divided among the attacking units. Using this you can have your 10 bombers attack 5 targets at the same time, IE the 10 bombers will divide up and attack the 5 targets at once instead of all attacking 1st target then going to the next in que.

Staff & Credits

Lt_Hawkeye Head Cybran Commander Mod author and founder Modeler and Coder

Orangeknight R&D Specialist Mod Co-leader Modeler and Animator

Ultimentra: Aeon Prototype Troubleshooter Beta Tester Ideas giver.

Kirvesnaama: Locomotion Specialist Animator/Modeler

Z32: Seraphim Prototype Troubleshooter Beta/unit tester Idea guy.

Mithy: Scriptor(Goliath and several other scripts)

Credits: Resin_Smoker for his drone scripts, and for allowing them use by the community Exavier_Macbeth: for teaching me how to code, and for some original unit ideas and inspiration. SXO for the balance work on v3 Magic Power for the Spread Attack code. LD for just being LD. And to anyone else we may have forgotten, if we forgot you let me know and we’ll add you!!! Thanks for downloading and we hope you enjoy the mod.


BlackOps:Advanced Command Units [1] Completely revamps the ACUs to provide better scaling, more upgrades and some REAL weapon options.

BlackOps:Special Weapons [2] An extra unit Pack that pulls ideas from Team Meber's older mods but does it all much much better.

BlackOps:Naval Rebalance [3] A Revamp of Naval balance to provide better gameplay and balance.

BlackOps:Global Icon Support [4] Not a unit mod per-se, but required.

BlackOps:Alternate Reality [5] Kinda like the dumping ground for ideas that didn't make the cut to one of the main mods, or old versions of units or ideas/models that just aren't high quality enough for the main mods, units are NOT fully Balanced nor will they ever be.

BlackOps Tweaks

Also a Quick note on the Vault, people may notice that there is a mod Called BlackOps Tweaks, this mod is not made by us, we dont like it, we hate it, it steals from other mods as well, while they only give US credit they never gave credit to other mod authors. we have all asked for the mod to get removed but so far it hasn't, we don't support it nor any problems you may have using it(so in short dont bother using it)