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This contains a list of the pages in need of deletion.

Be careful! You cant un-delete a page!

  • Check the content of the page before deleting
  • There should be a reason to delete the page.
  • The page should have a redirect link so that it doesn't break any links before its deleted.
  • You need to check that no pages link to the page you are about to delete.

  • For checking links, use this page : What Links here - beware - its caps sensitive!

Adding pages to this category:

  • Make sure the content in the page is represented elsewhere on this wiki!
  • Any pages linking to the page should be redirected to that content.
  • Set up a redirect link to the new content.
  • Add the page to this category by putting this at the end of it: [[Category:Pages In Need Of Deletion]]
  • Optional: Blank the page - do this if there is a duplicate of the info.
  • State a reason for deletion in the last change summary.