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What is Civilian Defense?

It is a mod that requires you to defend or attack the civilians!

How does it work?

On many maps, there exist civilian units/structures. First, Civilian Defense breaks players/AI into teams based on their faction. Players will be allied with other players of the same faction, and enemies with everybody else. Pre-set or automatic teams do not matter, it's all based on faction. Second, Players who have civilians to defend (civilians of their own faction) will receive defense beacons. Civilian trucks brought to the defense beacons will be evacuated off-world. Defenders will be awarded with a resource production bonus for every civilian truck evacuated. (The bonus is +1 mass and +10 energy and is visible on the evacuation beacon.) Third: Attackers are given spawn beacons. Spawn beacons spawn reinforcements periodically. Killing a civilian gives +5% spawn rate bonus per civilian killed. The spawn delay between reinforcements is written on the beacon. (Killing civilians will reduce this number.)

How evacuation beacons work

  • Civilian Structures are labeled "Civilian Structure" and worth 2 points. Trucks are worth 1 point. Trucks automatically evacuate when played within the evac beacon's evac radius. (This evac radius is displayed as a purple range ring.)
  • Evac beacons can only evacuate 1 truck every ten seconds. If an evac beacon is ready, it will say "ready" or have a number counting down until it is ready to evac another truck.
  • If Reclaimed, a Civilian Structures turns into 2 Evac Trucks, allowing defenders to evacuate entire colonies.
  • Evac Trucks must be brought to an Evac Beacon at *ANY* defender's base.
  • A defending team must protect/evacuate a certain number of civilians. This number is the ratio of defenders to total players: 1 defender: 1 attacker = 50% Must Survive. 1 defender: 3 attackers = 25% must survive.
  • Defenders will lose if the "Remaining" and "Evacuated" numbers are, when added together, less than the "Must Survive" number. (These numbers are displayed for defenders in the UI on the left-side of the screen.)
  • Defenders win when all other teams are defeated (through normal rules, such as Assassination or Supremacy)

How attack beacons work

  • Attack Beacons will spawn units periodically at a set rate. This inverse of this rate is displayed as a delay, in seconds, between reinforcements.
  • The spawn rate will increase for every civilian killed by the attacking team.
  • Although it will initially spawn only T1 tanks, it will spawn higher level tanks at an increased rate if there is a higher tech factory nearby. ("Nearby" means within the purple ring.)
  • Build and upgrade a factory near the spawn beacon to get T2 and T3 level reinforcements, respectively. Although the spawn delay will increase with tech, the total value of spawns units will also increase (by a factor of 3 per tech level.)
  • Attackers win by defeating all other players (through normal rules, such as Assassination or Supremacy, or by killing enough civilians.)

If the map has civilians from multiple factions, than players of those factions will be BOTH attackers AND defenders and be subject to all the same constraints, and receive both bonuses.

Maps with Civilians:

Maps With Civilians
Map Name Civilian Faction Map Type
Blasted Rock UEF Official
Burial Mounds UEF Official
Ambush Pass Cybran Official
Arctic Refuge UEF Official
Daroza's Sanctuary Aeon Official
Drake's Revine UEF Official
Finn's Revenge UEF Official
Flooded Strip Mine UEF Official
Paradise UEF Official
Saltrock Colony Cybran Official
Sentry Point Aeon Official
Sung Islands Cybran Official
Sytris Majo Aeon Official
TheGreatVoid UEF Official
Vya3-Protectorate Aeon Official
Kazam UEF Unofficial
Loki UEF Unofficial
Theta Passage UEF Unofficial
Four Corners UEF Unofficial
Four leaf Clover Cybran Unofficial
canis river special edition Cybran Unofficial

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