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Since version 0.10.108 of the lobby, clan tags are displayed in front of player names.

  • Example: [e] for Empire clan [BC] Bad Company, etc.

Forged Alliance Foverer has its own Clan management http://faforever.com/clans/ (it is still in beta)

  • Feedback-Thread: faf.webapp
  • Use the "Clans List" tab to view and search for clans.
  • Search for Players by FAF name on the Players tab.
  • Login using your FAF lobby credentials to request to join a clan / manage your clan.
Biggest Clans on FAF
Clan Name Clan Tag Clan Leader Members
Strategy Gamers International SGI GreynoiseReborn 63
Goon Squad Bot ThirdWorld 40
Untouchable SupCom -U- dstojkov 39
Bad Company BC Blackheart 35
Belgian French Alliance BFA Clinch 30
Empire e speed2 29
Voice of Reason VoR Com 23
Finland FIN Vault54 23
Coop-Land CL NEO20 22