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Claustrophobia is a featured mod available to play in the FAF client. To play it, simply double click on "Claustrophobia" in the "Create Custom Game" window in the Find Games tab.

  • After a few minutes of startup time, the map will become increasingly smaller over 25 cycles, until only a small area in the centre is remaining; everything outside the map is destroyed.
  • This means that the game quickly turns into a battle over the middle, as the outside bases are slowly destroyed.
  • This game mode is best played in FFA maps, but can be played in any setup at all. Usually its a good idea to eco early in order to sieze the middle with a superior force rather than rushing it, only to lose it later.
  • Additionally, planning ahead and placing structures further away from the edges of the map will help prolong their life, and reclaiming them before they are destroyed saves you mass.