Command Line Switches

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Command line switches let you run Forged Alliance with extra options and settings.

Supreme Commander will accept many command line switches. You can set them up in your windows shortcut. This is a partial list, with some explanations.

Setting up a skirmish using command line

Standard switches

You can automaticly launch a skirmish right after launching the game. To do that, you need to specify a map. The other switches are optional.

Command Line Switch Description

/map map_folder

Set the map

/faction faction

Set your faction
1 = UEF
2 = Aeon
3 = Cybran

/victory "victory_condition"

Set victory conditions
demoralization = Assassination
domination = Supremacy
eradication = Annihilation
sandbox = Sandbox


Set fog to None


Set fog to Unexplored


Set pre-built units to On

Example: SupremeCommander.exe /map SCMP_019 /faction 3 /nofog /victory "domination"

Custom switches

You can create your own switches :

  1. hook lua/SinglePlayerLaunch.lua
  2. go to line 175
  3. add your switch detection code


if HasCommandLineArg("/gamespeed") then
options['GameSpeed'] = GetCommandLineArg("/gamespeed", 1)[1]

This will allow you to adjust game speed with the following switch : /gamespeed "gamespeed"

Set game speed ("normal", "fast" or "adjustable")

Other switches

Other Switches
Command Line Switch Description






Opens the debugging tool at startup



The game engine will monitor all files on the disk, and if it detects a change, it will attempt to re-load that file immediately, if possible. This allows instant in-game updates of things like unit blueprints.



Application will exit when the game is over













/log "log_file"

Logs messages to the given file.








Disable all pre-rendered movies


Set music to Off



Set sound to Off


Do not test for minimum system requirements



Performance test (same as /map PerfTest)

/position X Y

Set the game window position to XxY

/prefs prefs_file

Uses the given file for preferences instead of Game.prefs

/profile profile


/replay "replay_file"

Plays the given replay file. Example: /replay "C:\My Replays\Me vs The Bad Guys.SupremeCommanderReplay"

/savereplay "replay_file"

Save the replay to the given file. Does not work for skirmishes started with /map map_folder - you have to hook lua/SinglePlayerLaunch.lua and edit sessionInfo.createReplay = true (in function SetupCommandLineSkirmish) for this to work.



Shows the log window at startup

/size X Y

Set a XxY resolution. Example: /size 1024 768









/windowed X Y

Start game in a window, with a XxY resolution. ex: /windowed 1024 768