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The Forged Alliance Forever community depends on people volunteering and helping out with different things - ranging from running tournaments to developing the client to casting and streaming. This page is intended to help you help us!

The very first thing you should know is that all contributors are welcome! Do not shy away because you think you dont have the required skills, we can always find a way to get you helping out, and gradually you will learn all the things you need to do what youre interested in, be it coding, graphic design, modelling and more!


Our development of FAF happens on Github. Everything from the server to the ingame code is open source and you can help out in many ways, depending on what you are interested in.

  • Don't hesitate to ask if you need help, or are an inexperienced coder, there are people available to guide you and answer your questions.
  • The everyday goings-on of the Development team can be found at their blog here.
  • There is a tutorial to help you set up the environment to start helping out with the client in the FAF Development School.
  • The FA Forever project is run in a variety of languages, so you can pick one you are familiar with and help out in that area.
  • The topics below are by no means exhaustive! We also have need to develop our website, API, ICE-adapter, and more!


FAF has changed the in-game code quite a bit over the years, starting from bug fixes and ending with balance changes and new features! Theres always a lot of work to be done on this front, new bugs are being discovered all the time and new features that need development and testing.

  • The fa repository can be found here.

By contributing here, you would become a part of the Game Team.

Points of contact

Game development is usually tied to the balance of the game. So you would be working closely with the Balance Councilor and Balance Team:

Balance Councilor - Zockyzock

And of course, our Game Councilor, who is responsible for scheduling game updates, reviewing code, and accepting it into the game:

Game Councilor - IceDreamer

Anything related to custom missions and coop campaigns is done by Coop Campaign & Mission Manager:

Coop Campaign & Mission Manager - [e]speed2


FAF currently has two clients, both of which are open source and need development. You can contribute directly to the client source code, but it needs a little bit of setting up first. There are always tons of features requested and so work is never short here!

  • The Python client repository can be found here.
  • The Downlord (Java) client repository can be found here.

Points of contact

We have two clients supported, so if you want to work on the python client consult the people developing that:

Python Client developers - Grothe, Duk3Luk3 / TheDuke / OppressiveDuke

Of course, Downlords client is developed by:

Downlord Client developer - [e]Downlord


If you are familiar with servers feel free to talk to our developers in helping out with managing and developing the server, but do bear in mind that since this is a sensitive part of FAF you do need to know what you are doing, but dont let that stop you from asking!

  • The server repository can be found here.

Points of contact

Our server is maintained by our server developers and the Server Councilor:

Server developers - [e]Downlord, Sheeo

Modding and Map-making

There is a Modding guide available if you wish to make UI or in-game mods, which you can then upload freely to the mod vault so anyone can use them.

For making maps there is a guide to the SupCom Map Editor, and a map making forum where you can post your maps for advice and feedback. As with mods, there is a map vault for you to upload maps to so everyone can play it!

For those looking to create a custom campaign or a scenario, or just an advanced map there is a guide for Mission Scripting as well. It also shows you how to add sounds and videos to the game, so it could be useful for modding.

Points of contact

If you have any further questions about making maps ask our Coop Campaign & Mission Manager:

Coop Campaign & Mission Manager - [e]speed2

Community Contributions

If you wish to help with this resource you can check out the Contributing To This Wiki page which will help you get started. Currently you need confirmation of a registered account to write in this wiki, simply PM a wiki admin on the FAF client or the forums.

Casting and streaming is also welcome, if you want your casts to be shown in #aeolus by QAI, our chatbot, you need to add "Supreme Commander Forged Alliance" to your game stream or video title.

Points of contact

The wiki is maintained by the wiki administrators:

Wiki Administrators - [e]Exotic_Retard, [e]speed2

Job list

You can contribute to any and all of the topics described above, but if you have a certain skillset, or even none at all, you can pick an area of interest and start!

Specific problems that we are now facing:

LUA programmers

  • Fix Nomads mod
  • Write lobby & game code, bugfixes and new features (Game Team)
  • Write balance changes (Balance Team)
  • Fix coop campaign missions
  • Create new coop campaign mission scripts

Developers (Python)

  • Write client code
  • Write server code
  • Work on Galactic War

Web developers

  • Maintain and improve
  • Improve Map Vault

Graphic Designers

  • Work on FAF Client UI
  • Make tournament posters
  • Making avatars

Voice Actors

  • Voicing custom missions

Tournament Directors

  • Host regular tournaments

Client Moderators

  • Resolve reports
  • Warn/Kick people from FAF chat
  • Give Avatars

If something is not on this list, dont worry, you can consult any of the following people on any sort of contribution, we are always open to new people and ideas so dont be shy!

Current contributer list

  • Player Councillor, map creator - [e]Tokyto
  • Developer, statistician - Softly / Softles
  • Wiki administator, theme creator, avatar designer, game team member - [e]Exotic_Retard
  • Wiki administator, map creator, Coop Campaign & Mission Manager, IRC & Forum moderator, game team member - [e]speed2
  • Galactic War and API developer - Brutus5000
  • Anyone else, just throw a thread on the forums expressing your interest in contributing and we will be there to help you along!