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Coop 1v1 is an unofficial game-mode in Supreme Commander. Also known as "shared armies" , the goal of this feature is to allow multiple players to play with the same ACU per team, sharing control over all of the resources and units.

This can lead to different situations form what you usually see: for example we can have 2 players controling 1 army, and 3 players controling another army. Be carefull though:

  • the more players you get on the same side, the more orders can be overriden, potentially leading to some frustration.
  • If the rating difference between 2 players on the same is too large, there is a chance that the good player would have played better alone, which could lead to even more frustration.

There is a mod that has been created for this purpose, but it has not been released yet due to some issues.

How to play Coop 1v1

The only way currently to play it is by turning cheats on in the game settings. (put sandbox on if you want to be able to chat with your ally after deleting your ACU).

  • Choose which ACUs will stay in game, and the spots where they will start.
  • Turn cheats on in the game settings, and optionally sandbox victory conditions.
  • Every player that wasnt chosen for keeping their ACU needs to alt-delete their ACU - the same way as ctrl-k, but without an explosion in order to not destroy reclaim.
  • Players that deleted their ACUs have to press alt-F2 (open cheat console), and double click the name of their ally that still has his ACU alive, then close console.
  • Now every player can control every unit of their side, and they all see the same intel.

Playing fair

Since it is needed (atm) to use cheats for playing this game-mode. Any player can easily ruin the game by spawning units, or looking in the opponents view. As such, everyone participating in the game should play fair, and have good faith that others will aslo do that.

Remember - the game is unranked with cheats on!


There are several different ways of distributing man-power while playing Coop 1v1; here are a few of them:

  • Usually only one player will focus on macro (economy, and BP/factories), the others will be more focused on the micro.
  • You can distribute micro work in regions of the map - one player micros units on the top of the map, another one in the bottom, and last one in the middle
  • One player focuses on navy + air micro, while other one will focus on raid micro, sneaky tactics (stealth + tml in the back) and land battles.


You will often see people playing 20x20 maps on this feature. 10x10 maps can be played too. 5x5 map are too small to allow people micro/macro without canceling each others orders. 40x40 would be a good size, if there wasn't so much lag due to pathfinding. (40x40 would have been great for 3v3 on coop 1v1) - play this size at your own risk!


Some Tournament Directors are interested in hosting Tournaments incorporating this special feature. However there are no Tournaments that have been hosted using Coop 1v1.