Coop Missions

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Cooperative missions are an exclusive feature to Forged Alliance

  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Campaign
  • Supreme Commander Campaign
  • Can be played solo or with up to 4 players.
  • All FAF graphics improvements
  • Adjustment for cooperative difficulty
  • Slightly better campaign AI
  • Additional secondary objectives (thanks to gregory1001)
  • Cooperative leader board. Fight for the best time!

Coop Missions.png

1) Hosting Missions (If you want to play original Supreme Commander Campaign you need to link folder of Supreme Commander)

  • Single click on campaign you want to play to open available missions.
    • Single click on mission will open leaderboards
    • Double click on mission for hosting it.

2) Join Hosted Mission Double click on hosted game in order to join it.

3) Leaderboards Here you can see the best times for selected mission.