FAF Drinking Game

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Welcome to the FAF Drinking Game!

Tired of waiting 40 min for a game? Too scared to actually play a game? No friends and bored on a friday night?

Try the FAF Drinking game, it's simple: Log into FAF, observe (or participate in) Aeolus and....

Take a shot every time:

  • Dstojkov mentions 3599
  • Someone gets kicked
  • Vicki/Katara/KD7BCH/TheMightyNub/WoodenNipple says something retarded
  • speed2 links the faf wiki
  • Someone promotes #freereek
  • A pro complains about not getting any games
  • Luxy says he is rusty/makes an excuse not to play a game
  • Someone argues about balance
  • QAI insults someone
  • Viking looks down
  • Totaltuna makes a fish pun
  • TA4life complains about UI lag
  • Sheeo links tech support
  • Good players complain about Harbingers
  • Noobs complain about Mantis
  • Someone mentions KFC
  • Someone complains about an accepted mechanic as cheating like hoverbombing
  • Washy requests a stream
  • Someone quotes Player: quack quack quaaack to "prove" that he foe'd him
  • BC clan members acting gay/immature
  • Someone asks how to host a game
  • Galacticfear pings everyone
    • Extra shot if pinged players include people who don't even play Setons
  • There's a discussion about drugs
  • A certain someone is praising British military (You know who you are)
  • Zock advertises his lessons
  • Chosen rages at teammates
    • Extra shot if followed by "I don't rage/I never rage"
      • Another extra shot if Chosen died within 10 minutes
  • Mavy writing fu
  • Blackheart complaining about how bad FAF has become
  • The word "cancer" is used to describe something not related to cancer
  • Senton rage floods aeolus
  • Blodir or Mozart spam youtube links containing metal music
  • Gorton tries to be funny and "kicks" or "bans" himself
  • Blackheart complains about being too old
  • Freshy calling people "COM"
  • Mozart hates something
  • TA asks for someone to search ladder
  • Petric spams "xDDDDDDD" with the amount of Ds exceeding 10
  • Somebody misspells "Setons"
  • Petric listens to anime techno on stream
  • Adjux counter-pings
  • Someone touches Petric's fluffy tails
  • Someone requests to unban Lame
  • People are spamming excessive amount of dongers
  • Blackheart is initiating alcohol conversation
  • Someone gets accused of tryharding
  • galacticfear is listening to FA soundtrack on stream on extremely loud volume
  • Zock gives advice to build t2 radar
  • People complaining about mappool
  • Someone complaining about sitting in lobby for over an hour
  • Blodir relogs from his smurf to not lose points on his main account
  • Petric posts offencive/disgusting/racist video/picture
    • 2 shots if gets kicked
  • People joking about titan/uef bomber/mongoose
  • A noob is trying to prove that you can cost-efficiently counter gc with LABs
  • Player below 1500 argues with someone from top5 about balance
  • Violet calls someone poop

Finish bottle when:

  • Someone discovers a new bug/exploit
  • Someone gets banned
  • You get invited to the lenny channel
  • You discover one of Luxy's new smurfs
  • You discover Zlo has friended you
  • Blackheart is playing ladder

If you're a lightweight replace shots with beers or whatever.