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Chat tabs

  1. "Server" is not a chat tab, it's just to see your ping to the server and chat commands.
  2. #aeolus is the default channel that every player automatically joins when they start FAF. The main chat is English only, so please don't use other languages there. Also follow the chatrules.
  3. Chatrooms without a # are private, such as direct messages to other players.

You can open up a private chat with a player by double clicking his name in the name list.

Chat commands

Write chat commands directly in chat, starting with "!" "#" or "/"

  1. /me - followed by text. Speaks in the 3rd person. eg. User followed by text.
  2. !seen - followed by username. Shows when was user last time online, it is case sensitive.
  3. !streams - Shows all currently online streams of Forged Alliance. (Twitch, HitBox, etc)
  4. !casts - Shows last five Youtube Supreme Commander videos. (In order to get your video on this list, type in name of the video either "Supreme Commander" or "Forged Alliance")
  5. !trainers - PMs you a list of currently online trainers.
  6. !mods - PMs you a list of currently online moderators.
  7. !help - Lists all available fafbot commands and their descriptions
  8. #REPLAYID - Generated download link for replay, shows map played and lists all players.
  9. !kick - used by channel operators for kicking user from channel
  10. !ban - used by channel operators for banning user from channel
  11. /topic - followed by text. Changes topic of a channel.
  • !kick,!ban and /topic commands can be used in your clan chat channel if the channel is registered to your IRC

Player list

In the top is the search window. It will try to find online players who are currently in the chat, and display how many players are online while you don't search.

Player colors:

  • White: Admin or moderator, they have the privileges to kick or ban players from chat when they don't behave (AeonCommander and QAI are chat bots, don't message them). Gorton's IRC account is Tyr, Deering is often as Deering_ or Deering__ or as Kangarooing.
  • Blue: Friends. You can add players to your friend list by right-clicking them in the list. This is a one way command, it means they won't notice or have to accept it.
  • Red: Foes. You can add players to your foe list by right-clicking them in the list. In the main chat window (aelous) you will not see anything that your foes type. You cannot send a private message to foes nor receive one from them. You still can join open games with your foes in them and they can join your games as well. Foes can be removed by right-clicking them in the list and remove them as foes.
  • Gray: Players who use FAF.
  • Dark Gray: People who use another program to be in the chatroom. They can't play with this account.
  • Orange: This is the color of your own text.
  • There is an option to assign randomly colored names to each player, but this will only override gray and dark gray colors


  • Players that are a part of a clan have their clan tags in front of their names. (Example [e] for Empire clan [BC] Bad Company, etc.)

User Name Change and Name History

If you would like to change your username, you can do it here: https://www.faforever.com/account/username/change or by typing "!link namechange" and QAI will link the page above.

This will not affect your friends list or your account in any way, as the nickname is linked to your unique user ID.

  • If someone from your friends list renames, you won't see him/her there until you restart FAF.

User names are visible to everyone, and therefore must be kept clean and age-appropriate. You can only rename once every 30 days - if a moderator has to ask you to change your name, you'll be unable to chat until you can rename. Use common sense, and if you're having trouble coming up with a name on your own, try a service such as http://rinkworks.com/namegen/!

Rating, League, and Division

The rating shown in the lobby is always your Global Ranking. You can learn more here: Leagues and Divisions


You can view all existing avatars on this page.

Right now, there are only few ways to get avatars. Here a list:

  • Be a famous caster Shoutcaster Avatar.png or streamer Streamer Avatar.png
  • Participate in a tournament Tournament Participant.png, the easiest way to get an avatar.
  • Test the game code (playing FAF develop mod and reporting bugs) GameCodeTester.png
  • Be first, second or third in your league.
  • Be the first, second or third in your division, league and division avatars are only temporary and don't exist now.
  • Personal avatar, usually reserved for admins and mods
  • For donating to the FAF server, you get The Cookie Cookie Avatar.png
  • For donating to the Galactic War project, you were able to get an avatar in the past but this is no longer the case
  • For winning a tournament, avatars are given. Usually temporary ones for Blitz Tournament, WWPC Tournaments, sometimes permanent ones for big tournaments (The IMBA Cup gave the IMBA Cup Champion.png 'IMBA Cup Champion', Rise of the Immortals Trophy gave the ACU Sniper.png 'ACU Sniper')
  • Faction face Dostya.png avatars are usually for second place in a tournament, faction logo UEF Avatar.png for third.
  • You also can get an avatar for contributing to the FAF project:

Player Status

As you see in the picture, there can be one sword, crossed swords, or nothing next to each player's name.

  • Nothing: this player is just chatting or afk.
  • One sword: this player is currently in a game lobby.
  • Crossed swords: this player is playing a game.

If you double click on a single sword, you will launch FA and join the player in the lobby that they are presently in.

If you double click on crossed swords, you will launch FA and start watching the livereplay from the beginning of their game.

Joining Chat via Browser

You can access it from any IRC client: Chat / IRC Server