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Chat tabs

First off, "Server" is not a chat tab, it's just to see your ping to the server and chat commands.

    1. aeolus is the default chat of all players. The chat is supposed to be in english, so please don't use other languages there. Also follow the chatrules.
    2. nomads is a chat to discuss about The Nomads
  1. Chatrooms without a # are private, here an example (Ze_PilOt is the maker of FAF :) )

You can open up a private chat with a player by double clicking his name in the name list.

Player list

In the top is the search window. It will try to find online players who are currently in the chat, and display how many players are online while you don't search.

Player colours:

  1. White: Admin or moderator, they have the privileges to kick or ban players from chat when they don't behave.
  2. Blue: Friends. You can add players to your friendlist by rightclicking them in the list. This is a one way command, it means they won't notice or have to accept it.
  3. Gray: Players who use FAF.
  4. Dark Gray: People who use another program to be in the chatroom. They can't play with this account.

rating, league and division

The rating shown in the lobby is always your Global Ranking, check the link for more information.

Here some Information about League and Division


Right now, there are only few ways to win avatars. Here a list:

  1. Be a famous caster (gets you the blue one in the picture)
  2. Be first in your league (gets you the golden one in the picture)
  3. Be the first, second or third in your division, the easiest way to get an avatar. league and division avatars are only temporary
  4. Personal avatar, usually reserved for admins and mods
  5. For donating to the FAF server, you get The Cookie
  6. For donating to the Galactic War project, you get a yet unknown avatar
  7. For winning a tournament, avatars are given. Usually temporary ones for Blitz Tournaments, sometimes permanent ones for big tournaments (IMBA Cup gave the 'IMBA Cup Champion' and 'IMBA Cup Finalist', Rise of the Immortals Trophy gave the 'ACU Sniper')
  8. You also can get an avatar for making a featured mod or some maps in the mapvault

Player Status

As you see in the picture, there can be a symbol of crossed swords. There are some possibilities:

  1. nothing: this player is just chatting
  2. one sword: this player is currently in a gamelobby
  3. crossed swords: this player is playing a game

by double clicking the symbol, you JOIN the player into the lobby (one sword), or you start WATCHING the livereplay (crossed swords).

Joining Chat via Webbrowser

You can access it from any IRC client (http://cbe002.chat.mibbit.com/?server=faforever.com&channel=%23Aeolus)