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FAF Map Editor

FA Forever Map Editor is a new map editor developed for FAF by ozonex. It is currently in alpha, which means the editor is in its testing phase, and some features are still lacking. However, ozonex expects to release a beta version soon.

Read all about the FA Forever Map Editor in this forum topic.

FA Forever Map Editor - to do and changelog.


You can download the current version here.

Setting up the editor

Before using the editor you need to set up your preferences.


Preferences window

Before loading any map you must specify the paths to your game and maps folder.

  • Sup Com Forged Alliance installation path - Path to where the game is installed. It will also work with vanilla Supreme Commander, but always use Forged Alliance to get access to all the new assets. Use "..." to open folder browser. When using Default button editor will try to find the path by itself.
  • Maps folder path - Path to where all maps are stored. The Alpha version can only load maps from that folder, so if you have maps in a different folder, you need to change this path or move the maps to the specified folder.
  • Backup folder - Path where backups of old maps files will be moved. If empty, backups will be saved in FAForeverMapEditor_Data/MapsBackup/.
  • Undo steps - Maximum number of steps saved in memory for Undo and Redo.
  • Play map - Settings for using File/Play map. You can select a faction and disable Fog of war.

Editor LOG

When the editor crashes or behaves in strange way it may be useful to send log to the developer. You can find them here:

   C:/Users/[user]/AppData/LocalLow/ozonexo3/FAF Map Editor/

Custom brushes

You can create or modify existing brushes used by the FAF Map Editor. Brushes need to be 512px x 512px grayscale PNG without an alpha channel. When opened, the editor will load all brushes from that folder. Brushes are sorted alphabetically.

You can find them in:

   [FAForeverMapEditor.exe path]/FAForeverMapEditor_Data/Structure/brush/


The editor supports several symmetry options for editing maps. You need to select the right one before making changes to the map, because everything you do will be symmetrical based on selected settings. To open symmetry settings go to Symmetry/Symmetry settings....

Tolerance is how far in game units the editor will search for symmetrical objects when selected. Matching objects will be selected as orange. If it can't find a matching object it will display a gray selection where it should be.

Useful shortuts

Key Function
W FAF mapeditor MoveTool.png Switch to Move tool
E FAF mapeditor RotateTool.png Switch to Rotate tool
R FAF mapeditor ScaleTool.png Switch to Scale tool
T FAF mapeditor SnapToGrid.png Toggle snap to grid
Left Alt Invert brush
B + LMB Dragging over terrain will change brush size
M + LMB Dragging over terrain will change brush strength
Shift + Select Add to selection
Left Alt + Select Remove from selection
Home Restart camera
Delete Remove seleted objects
C Connect selected AI Markers
D Disconnect selected AI Markers
H Hide selected decal types
Shift + H Unhide selected decal types
Left alt + V/H button Toggle visibility of other layer/decal

Create a new map

New map window

To create new map use File/New Map.

  • Name - Name of the map. This will be also used to name folders and files.
  • Description - Long description of the map. You can describe the history of the map here.
  • Texture set - Set of stratum textures loaded to new map. If you know how do you want your map to look like, then select best set.
  • Type - Type of map. Use Skirmish for Multiplayer maps
  • Width / Height - Size of the map. When selected sizes are not square editor will create square map and clip it using Area.
  • Initial height - Initial height of whole heightmap. Try to use the lowest value possible, but remember to leave some space if you want to have water on the map.
  • Water - Toggle it on if you want to have water on your map. This can be changed later if you change your mind.
    • Water Elevation - the height at which the water level is.
    • Depth Elevation - the height at which the water is darker.
    • Abyss Elevation - the height at which the water is very dark.

New map created in FAF Map Editor will be saved as:


Basic map settings

  • Name - Map name displayed in game
  • Description - Long description of the map. You can describe the history of the map here. Displayed in game when selecting maps.
  • Version - Version of the map. Increase this value by 1 when you want to upload a new version of an existing map. If the name is the same and version is higher, then the map will be replaced with the new version.

Edit Armys Spawn IDs

Tool for changing order of existing armies. Army order is also order of spawn points. Tool also have Auto-Team preview. To switch armies click on box with army number and then select other army from dropdown list.

File version

Scmap file format exist in 2 versions:

  • v56 - Vanilla Supreme Commander map. Most old maps are in this format, because this is how the official map editor saves them.
  • v60 - Forged Alliance map. This is a new format version containing additional procedural skybox. Can't be opened by old tools or by the vanilla Supreme Commander game.

If you need to open v60 map in vanilla or old tools, you can export skybox data to file and save it as v56. When done, you can import the skybox again and save as v60.

Terrain Heightmap

The heightmap is the base of whole terrain. It defines height for every place on the map. You can use built-in tools to edit it, or export/import to work with other software.

Heightmap brush

  • Brush size - Size of the brush that we want to paint with. You can change it by holding down the B key and dragging over gameplay.
  • Brush strenght - Strength with witch brush changes are aplayed to terrain. You can change it by holding down the M key and dragging over gameplay.

There are 4 types of brush

  • Standard - Simple brush for increasing or decreasing terrain height
  • Flatten - Finds the average height under brush and moves terrain to that height. Best uses as a strong blur.
  • Blur - Smoothen the terrain. Good for removing sharp edges and softening the terrain.
  • Sharpen - Increase difference in height

Additional values

  • Target height - Target terrain height for Standard brush. When painting it will change height to the target height.
  • Min height - Minimum terrain height allowed by the brush. Terrain will be clipped when it's under that value.
  • Max height - Maximum terrain height allowed by the brush. Terrain will be clipped when it's above that value.
  • Rotation - Rotation of brush texture. Useful for some custom brushes like mountains.

Heightmap tools



Terrain Textures


Texture layers




Layers tools




Sun, shadow and ambient


Procedural skybox




(Temp. contribution)

Armies can be added by going into the MAP > ARMIES menu.

Add a team by pressing "+Team". By default, it will say "FFA". Below that, press the "+" button. This adds an army.

Note: These will be used by spawn points.





Spawn points


(Temp. contribution)

When you created an army in the Armies section of the wiki, notice that it will say, "Army marker not found!". This is intended. You then have to sync the army(ies) with blank markers.

Navigate to the MARKERS menu and add a blank marker. Deselect the blank marker button and click on the marker you just created. Rename it to the corresponding army name, for ex. "ARMY_1".

You have now successfully created a spawn point.







Adaptive map









Units are not yet implemented in FAF Map Editor. Use official Map Editor to add or edit units on map.

Custom resources

Map editor and game allows to have custom textures loaded from map folder. This works only for stratum textures and decals. Props can't be loaded, because game won't load blueprints from maps folder.

Create env folder in your map folder, and then inside create needed folders by their type. Note that ResourceBrowser will use Category to load from proper folder

  • layers - Stratum texture
  • props - Props assets. Editor will display and use them, but they will not work in game.
  • decals - Decal textures
  • splats - Splat decal textures

To find your resources in ResourceBrowser open select Map folder in Type dropdown.

Making custom resources work in FAF

Initial Map Upload

Because the FAF server automatically renames your folder, it can break the paths of custom resources you've set up. To ensure this doesn't happen follow these steps:

  • Make sure the folder of your map has the same name as the .scenario file. For example /maps/New_Shiny_map.v0001/New_Shiny_map.scenario
The server will rename your map folder into the scenario file name (at least it seems to) so if your scenario name differs from the folder name it will be renamed and broken.
  • Make sure you don't have any spaces in your folder/scenario names
Any spaces in scenario name will be replaced by underscore before being used as a map name so make sure there are none. Or alternatively you can have a map folder name with underscores and scenario file name with spaces but as a general rule it's easier to keep a habit of naming your folder and all the files inside of it exactly the same to minimize any potential issues.
  • Remember when somebody told you that you don't have to add ".v0001" to your map folder name anymore since the server does it automatically? Well forget about that because if you want your map to properly function in the editor and upon uploading to FAF you have to make sure you manually add a version counter corresponding to your current version to the end of your map folder as well as to the scenario file. For example from "maps/New_Shiny_map/" to "maps/New_Shiny_map.v0001/"

Uploading a new version

With normal maps if you want to upload a new version you only need to go to the scenario file and change your "map_version = x," but with custom resources this, again, will break your paths upon uploading it to FAF. Here is what you have to do if you want to upload a new version of your map with custom resources:

  • Go to the maps folder and copy the folder of your map in there. !IMPORTANT! Don't delete the original folder, you will need it.
  • Rename the copied folder to the name imitating updated version. For example from "maps/New_Shiny_map.v0001" to "maps/New_Shiny_map.v0002", and change the paths in your .scenario file inside.
  • Now open your map, this is why saving the original folder is important, if you delete it the editor would get stuck on trying to load custom resources that no longer exist.
  • Find your custom resources and replace them all one by one from the resorce browser's "Map folder" tab. Double check that you didn't miss anything.
  • Save the map, delete the original folder (preferably not permanently) and launch the map in game to check if everything is properly loaded and not mixed up.
  • Upload the new version of your map on FAF