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Multiple Techs

arty = artilery AA = anti air (but most of you know that already) PD = point defense MAA = mobile AA (this isn't used often) engy = engineer mex = Mass Extractor pgen = Power Generator mass fabs = Mass Fabricators torp = Torpedoes (for example torp defense, torp bomber, etc) com = ACU = Armored Command Unit SACU = Support Armored Command Unit sera = phim = Seraphim OC = Overcharge TackPack = TML upgrade on ACU or SCU Gun = ACU combat upgrade Double gun = Aeon ACU weapon upgraides, very rare used for Seraphim Slave/Support Factory = Cheaper versions of t2 factories that are added by Engy mod (only for faf) E = in game chat means that player need Energy/Power Nano = health/regen upgrade RAS = resource allocation system, ACU resource upgrade tele = teleport telemaze r= teleport mazer ACU snipe billy = UEF ACU TML Nuke

Tech 1 (T1)

inties = Interceptors lobos = UEF T1 Mobile Light Artillery zooeys = fobos = zthuees (zthuee is the actual name) (Seraphim T1 arty) frigs = Frigates LAB = Light Assault Bot MM = Mech Marine (UEF Light Assault Bot. Rarily used)

Tech 2 (T2)

chicken bots = Ilshavohs (Seraphim T2 Assault Bot) MML = Mobile Missile Launcher destro = Destroyer TML = Tactical Missile Launcher TMD = Tactical Missile Defense beetles = Fire-Beetles (cybran T2 mobile bomb)

Tech 3 (T3)

ASF = Air Superiority Fighters strats = Strategic Bombers nuke launcher = SML = Strategic Missile Launcher (nuke launcher used more often than sml) nuke defense = anti nuke = SMD = Strategic Missile Defense (anti nuke used most often) sam = T3 Stationary AA percy = Percival (UEF T3 Armored Assault Bot) harb = harby = Harbinger (AEON T3 Assault Bot) resto = restorer (AEON T3 AA Gunship) strat sub = Strategic Missile Submarine

Experimentals (exp or T4)

crab = Megalith bug = Soul Ripper ML = monkey = spider = Monkeylord fatty = Fatboy GC = Galactic Colussus donut = CZAR (aeon exp) chicken = Ythotha (I know Ilashovohs are called chicken bots. Its confusing)