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  • ACU: Armored Command Unit. The player's main unit.
  • arty: Artillery. Can refer to either the T1/T3 mobile artillery unit, or less commonly, the T2/T3/T4 stationary structure variety.
  • ASF: Any T3 Air Superiority Fighter.
  • cap: Usually refers to building a mass extractor; "capping", as in covering up the area on the map where you can build the mex.
  • exp: Experimental. Can refer to any T4 unit.
  • fab: Mass Fabricator; can refer to either the T2 or T3 variant, but usually the latter.
  • fac: Factory. Can refer to land, naval, or air factories.
  • fobo: The Seraphim T1 mobile artillery. Portmanteau of "Floating lOBO".
  • GC: Galactic Colossus. Aeon's T4 land experimental.
  • int: Any T1 Interceptor aircraft.
  • lab: T1 Light Assault Bot; can refer to the UEF T1 Mech Marine, the Cybran T1 Hunter, or the Aeon T1 Flare.
  • lobo: The UEF T1 mobile artillery.
  • mex: Mass extractor. Can refer to any tier.
  • Maser/mazor: The Cybran ACU's chest laser upgrade.
  • ML: Monkeylord: Spiderbot. Cybran's T4 land experimental.
  • OC: Overcharge. The ACU's special weapon, which must be fired manually.
  • SCU: Support Command Unit. Can only be built by building a T3 quantum gate and building the unit from there.
  • SMD: Strategic Missile Defense. T3 structure that automatically builds and launches missiles that shoot down incoming nukes.
  • SML: Strategic Missile Launcher; a nuke. Opposite of the SMD.
  • sub: Submarine. Can refer to any submarine class naval unit.
  • T1/T2/T3: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3. Refers to a specific tech level of a unit; "tech two tank" is shortened to "t2 tank", for example.
  • tele: Teleport. Refers to the ACU's personal teleporter upgrade.
  • telemaser: Teleport Maser. The Cybran-only tactic of upgrading the ACU with both a personal teleporter and a chest laser.
  • trans: Transport. Any air transport unit.
  • TML: Tactical Missile Launcher. Can refer to the T2 TML structure, or less commonly, the ACU's TML upgrade.