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[[File:Myxir fafwiki game1.PNG|1400px]]
[[File:Myxir fafwiki game1.PNG|1400px]]
Campaign mission can to be hosted at [[Coop Missions]] Tab.

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Game Title

  • XvX - Showing for how many player per team is game hosted. (example 1v1, 4v4)
  • XXX - XXXX (XXXX+) - Global Rating Limitations (example 800-1500, 1200+)
  • If you write "private" in your game title, the map preview will be Lock as for games with passwords.

At a glance

If you have any trouble joining or connecting to someone : http://www.faforever.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Connection_issues_and_solutions

Myxir fafwiki game1.PNG Campaign mission can to be hosted at Coop Missions Tab.